The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1075

Chapter 1075
When fimor wake up, she saw Collin standing at the door, rubbing his temples. “Collin, you don’t need to be so uptight. Xenia
can’t do anything to me now” Collin frowned, Better safe than sorry I feel like Mrs. Howard looks like she could attack you at any
Elinor smiled, “She might want to, but she needs to have the ability to do so first!”
Coffin sighed. “Are you really planning to stay here? Baber seems fine, you could wait for Mr. Blanchet to come back and then
bring Baber over
The mere thought of Baber’s situation made Ellinor’s heartache, “Do you really think that kid would be okay here? Even though
he’s not Mr. Blanchet’s biological child, Mr. Blanchet did adopt him. He has a responsibility to him, he can’t let others bully him. I
think if Theo saw Baber’s terrified state, he wouldn’t just stand by!”
Coffin was at a loss for words.
That was night, if it were Mr. Blanchet, he wouldn’t just stand by.
Mr. Blanchet had a strong sense of responsibility, otherwise, he wouldn’t have taken responsibility for Patricia for all these years
after she claimed that she saved her life, resulting in her using him for so many years.
Elinor didn’t want to listen to Collin’s advice anymore and waved him off. “Alright! If you have something to do, go back to
Greenhaven. I can handle things here on my own, no problem.”
Collin shook his head, “Don’t worry, there’s nothing going on here. I can stay and keep you company, no problem.”
After realizing that she couldn’t get rid of Collin, Ellinor didn’t say much more and rubbed her belly, “Well, I’m hungry. Have
someone from the Howard family get me something to eat!”
Collin wamed her, “I think you’re fine living here, but you should avoid eating the Howard family’s food. Mrs. Howard might
retaliate by putting something in your food, so I can’t let you eat it. This is a mountain area; the medical conditions are not good,
and even if we call an ambulance, it won’t arrive in time.”
Ellinor knew Collin’s concerns were justified. “So are you planning on letting me starve?”

Collin waved his hands, “No, if you’re hungry, we can go out to eat. This mountain area has a developed tourism industry, and
there are some decent inns nearby where you can eat.”
Ellinor rolled her eyes, “So if we eat at an inn, you’re not worried about me eating something I shouldn’t?”
Collin gave an awkward smile, “Well… it’s generally safer than the Howard family’s food. But it would be best if you went back
home. Putnam and Marissa are likely very worried about you”
Ellinor grabbed her jacket and headed into her room, “Enough talk; take me to the inn for a meal! I’ll call and explain to them.”
Collin reluctantly nodded, “Alright.”
Ellinor wanted to bring Baber to the inn for a nice meal, but she knew Xenia wouldn’t let her take him out of the villa.
So she just thought about it for a moment, then dropped the idea.
Collin drove her to the best inn on the mountain. He ordered a few dishes and personally went into the kitchen to oversee their
Ellinor felt that Collin was being overly cautious and rubbed her temples.
Just then, someone pulled out the chair across from her and sat down.
Ellinor looked up in surprise to find a familiar, handsome face, Bartlett Rex.
Elinor, what a coincidence! Are you also here for a vacation on the mountain?”

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