The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1076

Chapter 1076
Ellinor eyed him for a while, then smirked cynically.
“Yeah, it’s so convenient that it makes you wonder if it’s a coincidence at all!*
Bartlett rested his cheek on his hand. His captivating gaze was filled with irresistible charm, ‘Don’t overthink it, I just wanted to
come here to clear my mind.
“Uh–huh, Ellinor wasn’t really interested in his plans and casually responded. She then ignored him and focused on her free
coffee from the inn.
However, before she could even take a sip, a large hand reached over from the opposite side and took it away.
She looked up at Bartlett, annoyed, “What’s the big idea, Mr. Rex?”
Bartlett took a sip of her coffee, “You’re pregnant, and it’s best for pregnant women not to drink coffee.”
Ellinor frowned, “A little won’t hurt.”
Bartlett shook his head. “No, if you’re thirsty, you can order water later. It’s best not to touch coffee at all.”
Ellinor was speechless.
Bartlet was always sticking his nose where it didn’t belong!
But for some reason, after hearing Bartlett’s reminder, she felt a twinge of emotion.
Those words should have been spoken by the father of her child, but Theo wasn’t there.
At that moment, the waiter brought two plates of food.
Ellinor snapped out of her thoughts and picked up her utensils, ready to dig in.
Politely, Bartlett asked, “Do you mind if I join you?”
Ellinor glanced at him, “If I said I do, would you leave?”
Bartlett shook his head with a smile, “No.”

Ellinor laughed, “Then why bother asking?”
Without another word, Bartlett started to enjoy the food on the table.
Just as the food was served, Collin came out of the kitchen and was surprised to see Bartlett sitting across from Ellinor. “Mr. Rex,
what are you doing here?”
Bartlett smiled at Collin, “I’m on vacation!”
Collin was clearly skeptical, “A vacation here?”
Bartlett nodded, “I’ve been everywhere else and wanted to experience the local culture of the mountains. I’ve been so busy with
work lately that I was feeling a bit off. Once I wrapped up my projects, I came up here to decompress. I didn’t expect to run into
you guys here! What a coincidence!”
Collin nodded, not fully convinced, “I see. What a coincidence…”
Bartlett looked relaxed. As he casually dined, he asked, “I heard Theo is out of the country?”
Collin replied, “Yes, Mr. Blanchet is dealing with some matters abroad.”
Bartlett smiled, “I see. I was wondering why Ellinor was here alone!”
Collin fell silent
Mr. Rex were trying to stir up trouble between Ellinor and Theo.

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