The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1093

Chapter 1093
if she had to ask him first before he answered, she wouldn’t be happy with the answer. She would feel like he was hiding
something on purpose or that he didn’t care about her thoughts, thinking there was no need to explain on his own
So even though he was clinging to her, she didn’t feel touched at all.
Man! They only thought about those bed activities!
What else could there be?
But she wouldn’t have it!
She wouldn’t let him touch her until he explained that matter willingly
She would absolutely not wavert
After brushing her teeth, rinsing her mouth, and putting down her toothbrush and cup. Ellinor bent over to wash her face.
All this time, Theo simply loosened his grip on her just igh for her to move, but he didn’t really let go of her.
After washing her face, Ellinor reached out to grab the towel, but she didn’t get it.
Theo reached out, took the towel, turned Ellinor’s body around, and dried her face gently like he was caring for a child.
Ellinor was surprised and wanted to stop him, but he pushed away her hands, not letting her move.
Theo carefully wiped her face as his gaze fixed on her, causing their eyes to meet.
Mid wipe, Ellinor realized that the towel in his hand was gone, and he was gently caressing her cheek and pressing his rough
fingers on her lips.
She felt a bit confused
Ellinor wasn’t stupid, she knew what was about to happen. Before Theo bent down to kiss her, she reached out and covered his
She didn’t let him succeed

She had decided that until Theo voluntarily told her about the woman he had been in contact with, she absolutely wouldn’t let
him touch her.
Theo didn’t get what he wanted. He frowned and asked her, “What’s wrong?
Ellinor kept a poker face, “Nothing”
Theo looked at her, “Then why won’t you let me touch you?”
Ellinor forced a smile, “Didn’t you just say that you were just watching me wash up and wouldn’t do anything else?”
Theo moved closer to her again, “Didn’t you just finish washing up?”
Ellinor avoided his gaze, “Even after washing up. No!”
Then furrowed his brows, “Why?”
Ellinor snorted, “You think you deserve to touch me?”
Theo seemed puzzled. He reached out to hold her chin, making her look at him, and seriously asked, “Why don’t I deserve it?
Didn’t you agree to be with me? What? I was only gone a few days, and now you don’t want to be with me anymore?”
Ellinor tried to turn her head, not wanting to look into his enchanting eyes, but his fingers were too strong. She couldn’t succeed,
and she even got pinched a bit painfully
She frowned and angrily said, “It hurts..”
After hearing her cry out in pain, Theo immediately loosened his grip, “Let me see; did hurt you?”
Ellinor glared at him unhappily, “How many times have you hurt me? You’re always so dominant and you only consider your own
Theo was taken aback, only then did he completely let her go, trying to coax her in a low voice, “My bad, I just missed you too
much. I won’t be like this again! Don’t be angry
Ellinor snorted with a frown, not wanting to deal with him.

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