The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1095

Chapter 1095
This shameless man had no sense of decorum. It was early in the morning, so if anyone saw Bartlett in Ellinor’s room, they
would definitely get the wrong idea.
No amount of explaining would clear things up!
But now that Theo was back, she had to wait for him to finish his shower.
Ellinor furrowed her brow, “I’m sorry. I’m a bit busy right now, Mr. Rex. Why don’t you go have breakfast by yourself?”
Due to the great soundproofing at the Howard’s Mountain Villa, Bartlett hadn’t heard anything from the bathroom, but he wasn’t
planning on backing down from inviting Ellinor. Just as he was about to speak again.
“Baber! What do you want with her? Come on out!” Xenia’s voice suddenly rang out, cutting off Bartlett.
Ellinor heard it too, and she and Bartlett both looked towards the door.
Because Bartlett had come in earlier, Ellinor hadn’t closed the door to avoid any misunderstandings.
Now, they saw a little head poking in through the door crack, looking at her expectantly and cautiously.
It was Baber.
Just as Ellinor was about to go talk to Baber, Xenia, who was trailing behind Baber, pushed the door open and pulled Baber out.
“I’ve told you, don’t go to strangers! Why won’t you listen?”
Baber frowned in annoyance and kept repeating, “Ellinor… Ellinor is not a stranger…
After hearing him say this, Xenia got even angrier, “What do you mean she’s not a stranger? I’m telling you that everyone
besides your mother and me is a stranger to you! They all mean you harm; don’t you dare go with them! Understand?”
Baber pouted, wanting to argue but was unable to do so due to his limited language skills.
Ellinor watched from the doorway as Baber was scolded by Xenia, and she squinted her eyes, “Baber, come here!”

After hearing Ellinor’s voice, Baber’s eyes lit up, and he ran over to her, ignoring Xenia’s protests. He hugged her leg happily and
whispered, “Ellinor…”
Ellinor bent down to pat his little head and spoke in a soft voice, “Up early, huh? Did you come to find me for something?”
Baber shook his head and looked worriedly at Xenia.
He didn’t need anything; he was just scared of being with his grandma. She had been very irritable these past few days and
often lost her temper, which scared him. Ellinor naturally understood what Baber was running away from. She felt sorry for the
Then she looked up at Xenia, “Mrs. Howard, I don’t think you’ll mind if Baber stays with me for a bit, right?”
Xenia, however, gave her a cold look and said haughtily, “Ms. Mendoza, I don’t think that’s a good idea. This kid is a handful, and
I wouldn’t want him to bother you! Baber, come on, let’s go have breakfast!”
Baber clearly didn’t want to go with Xenia, so he clung tightly to Ellinor’s leg.
His actions were like a plea for help. How could she ignore him?
It seemed that if Xenia took Baber away, she might punish him again.
Ellinor gave a slight smile, “Mrs. Howard, I just woke up and don’t mind being disturbed. I could use some company to kill time.
Surely, you’re not going to deny me that, right?”
Xenia frowned and huffed, “He’s just a kid! What could he possibly do to keep you entertained? I think we should forget about it!”

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