The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1096

Chapter 1096
Ellinor bent over to pick up Baber, smiling as she said, “If he could talk with me, it would give me a taste of being a mom! Don’t
fret, Mrs. Howard, I won’t just which away Baber.”
When Xenia saw Ellinor pick up Baber, Baber was contentedly wrapping his arms around her neck.
“How can I possibly trust you? If you sneak off with my grandson, who am I going to chase after? Baber, come here! How many
times have I told you not to let strangers hold you?”
With that, she walked over, intending to take Baber from Ellinor’s arms.
But Baber was clinging tightly to Ellinor’s neck and wouldn’t let go!
Xenia couldn’t get Baber to budge and started to panic, trying to pull Baber away with force.
Baber still clung tightly to Ellinor, not wanting to stay with his grandmother!
As a result, Xenia was enraged, yanking Baber from Ellinor’s arms forcefully!
Due to the momentum, Ellinor was pushed back a few steps.
“Ellinor, watch out!”
Bartlett Rex, who hadn’t planned on revealing himself in front of Xenia, rushed over to catch Ellinor, asking with concern, “You
“I’m fine.” Ellinor shook her head, stepping away from Bartlett to keep her distance.
But it was too late.
Xenia saw that Bartlett had come from Ellinor’s room, and her face froze for a moment before a mocking smile spread across it.
“Oh? Isn’t this Mr. Rex? Early in the morning, and you’re coming out of Mrs. Blanchet’s room? Oh my, a man and a woman alone
in a room…”
Bartlett smiled calmly at Xenia, “Mrs. Howard, you’ve got it wrong. I was just calling Ellinor for breakfast”
Xenia smirked, “Oh, is that so? Mr. Rex, you two seem quite close!”

Bartlett continued to smile, “What’s wrong with inviting a friend for breakfast?”
“A friend? Ha!” Xenia sneered, then took out her phone and started snapping pictures of them, “Just friends, huh? Together early
in the morning? And you say it’s for breakfast? You think anyone would buy that?
Ellinor, I really misunderstood you!
I thought you, this little tramp, were just trying to hook up with Mr. Blanchet! But to think, you’re also involved with Mr. Rex! You’re
something elser
Ellinor frowned, shot Bartlett a cold look, and calmly said to Xenia, “Mrs. Howard, don’t make assumptions without evidence.
What did you see that makes you
think we’re involved?”
Xenia sneered, “Isn’t it obvious? Early in the morning, and I find you two together!”
Ellinor gave a slight smile, “Can you tell me which law states that male and female friends can’t be in the same room in the
morning? We’re both fully clothed, what’s the problem?”
Xenia glanced at their neat clothes; her brow furrowed, but she continued to click pictures with her phone, “I have photos of you
two alone in a room. Let’s see if the online folks will believe you!”
Ellinor laughed lightly, finding this whole situation ridiculous, “Mrs. Howard, are you trying to stir up public outrage online again?
Haven’t you learned from last time?”

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