The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1098

Chapter 1098
The man speaking lifted his hand, gently landing it on Ellinor’s head and giving it an indulgent ruffle.
Xenia was at a loss for words, yet unwilling to accept the situation. She raised the dirty clothes she found under the bed and
said, “Mr. Blanchet, you can’t let Ellinor pull the wool over your eyes anymore. She’s been two–timing you. These clothes are
proof! She hid them under the bed, definitely afraid you’d find out!”
Theo’s indifferent gaze scanned the clothes that were only worn in private, snatched them away, and said nonchalantly, “Those
are the ones I helped her take off last night. Is there a problem with a bit of intimacy between husband and wife?”
Ellinor covered her face with her hands, her lips twitching, feeling utterly embarrassed.
Why were all men so shameless, spilling the beans about anything and everything?
Bartlett’s eyes narrowed slightly, the light in his deep–set eyes gradually dimming.
Xenia’s face turned red, “Ah…Is that so?”
Theo replied coldly, “What else could it be?”
Xenia felt the intense pressure emanating from Theo, and her mood quickly shifted from excitement to tension and fear, “Sorry,
Mr. Blanchet, I didn’t realize you were here too. I misunderstood!”
Theo remained expressionless and didn’t seem to care to pursue the matter further. He said coolly, “Get out!”
Xenia nodded, quickly making her exit.
“Baber, let’s go!”
Before leaving, Xenia didn’t forget to drag along Baber, who had been standing on the side, clueless about the situation.
“Hold up.”
Theo’s cold voice echoed again.
Xenia stopped, nervously looking back, “Mr. Blanchet, is there anything else? I should take the kid to eat!”

Theo said firmly, “The kid stays; you go.”
Xenia was taken aback, glanced at Baber, whom she was holding tightly, and was reluctant to let go.
Mr. Blanchet, the kid is still young. I’ll take him to eat, so he won’t disturb you.”
Theo remained expressionless, saying, “Mrs. Howard, did you forget I’m his legal guardian?”
“Uh…” Xenia gave in, reluctantly letting go of Baber. She instructed the child to behave and not cause trouble, then reluctantly
Baber, then free, walked towards Theo, someone he hadn’t seen for a long time, looked up, and stared at him with admiration,
Theo bent down, patting Baber’s head lightly.
Theo’s relationship with this child was not very close.
When he first adopted Baber, most of the time it was Patricia Howard who took care of him. He only spent time with the kid when
Patricia used it as an excuse to call him over.
“Theo, when did you come back?” Bartlett’s relaxed voice echoed in the room.
Theo looked up at his old friend, his face expressionless, “Early this morning.”
Bartlett smiled, “I see! You’re still the same, leaving without telling us in advance and coming back without notifying us. We
could’ve bid you farewell and welcomed you back!”

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