The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1112

Chapter 1112
Chase gave a smile, carrying a bit of coldness, “No biggie, just been missing the boss. I wanted to ask her out for a catch-up. But
I must say. I’m kind of surprised to see you here, Mr. Blanchet. You’re a real master of time management, huh?”
Chase was smiling, but his words were dripping with sarcasm.
“Compared to Mr. Larios, I’m still lacking.” Theo remained expressionless, picking up a glass of juice from the table and handing
it to Ellinor Mendoza.
He couldn’t be bothered with Chase. If it weren’t for Chase’s relationship with Ellinor, he wouldn’t give a damn about him.
Chase chuckled, about to say something, but was nudged lightly by Ida Gipson at the side, so he shut up.
Ellinor didn’t really want Theo to come along, but he didn’t like her meeting other guys alone, so she reluctantly agreed to his
And the situation then proved that his presence made the atmosphere awkward, leaving Chase and Ida no chance to say what
they wanted to.
Just then, Theo’s phone suddenly rang.
“Theo, are you at Twilight Bar now?”
Theo raised an eyebrow slightly and replied nonchalantly, “Yeah, how’d you know?”
Jonah feigned anger, “If it wasn’t for someone telling us, we wouldn’t even know you’re back. How come you didn’t hit us up?”
“Where you guys at?”
“We’re also at Twilight Bar; we saw your car in the parking lot, so we thought we’d give you a ring. Want to join us for a drink?”
“Which room are you in?”
Theo hung up, looked at Chase and Ida in the room, seemed to ponder for a moment, then said softly to Ellinor, “I’m going to go
find Jonah and the guys. I’ll come back for you later.”

As long as Ellinor wasn’t meeting Chase alone, he could loosen up a bit with her.
He knew his presence might hamper their chat, making the atmosphere awkward.
Ellinor also felt he was one too many, so she quickly nodded, “You go ahead!”
As Theo got up to leave, he gave Chase a warning, “You guys chat, that’s fine. But don’t let her drink.”
“Mr. Blanchet, we know pregnant women can’t drink. We care about her health more than you do!” Chase scoffed, muttering a
few words under his breath after he finished speaking.
Theo didn’t bother with him and turned to leave.
Watching Theo leave, Chase straightened up, dropped his laid-back attitude, and said seriously, “Boss, have you made up your
mind? Are you really going stick with that Theo?”
Ellinor sipped her juice and casually retorted, “Is there anyone worse than you?”
Actually, Ellinor noticed something odd. Chase wasn’t against her dating Theo before and was mostly polite when he saw Theo.
But that day, he was particularly targeting Theo.
Chase shrugged with no hesitation, “I’m a bad guy, but I don’t play the pretend-to-be romantic role! Boss, you know, the girls
who’ve been with me have never expected anything more than fun because they know I’m not the serious or responsible type,
and we’re all clear on that! But Theo, he’s pretending to be romantic and fooling with your feelings!”

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