The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1115

Chapter 1115
The girl had an epiphany, taking out her phone and showing off her contact information. “Mr. Blanchet, if you’re single, you
wouldn’t mind swapping numbers, right?”
Meanwhile, in the taxi on her way home, Ellinor got a call from the man himself.
She didn’t pick up right away, instead staring at her phone screen for a bit.
His deep voice came through the phone, “Ellinor, where you at?”
Ellinor replied casually, “On my way home.”
He seemed a bit annoyed, “Why didn’t you wait for me?”
Ellinor’s voice was still indifferent, “You just got back; you should catch up with your friends. I didn’t want to be a third wheel, so I
took off.”
Theo paused for a few seconds, his tone serious. “Where are you now? I’ll come and find you!”
Ellinor responded directly, “No need, almost home. Go have fun. I won’t bother you.”
With that, she hung up the phone.
Ellinor arrived back at the Blanchet villa.
She thought, “Why do I keep coming back to the Blanchet villa?”
Probably because she still had a lot of loose ends to tie up, she needed to clear her head and make some decisions!
Walking into the Blanchet villa, she noticed a few servants downstairs. The elderly Blanchets had already turned in for the night.
As she headed upstairs, she saw Veronica Blanchet coming out of her room.
Seeing her return, Veronica immediately expressed her displeasure. “What took you so long? I can’t even! You even left the kid
with me. I can’t handle kids! He cried non-stop, asking for you. I had to work my ass off to get him to sleep. What a headache!”
Before they left, they had left Baber with Veronica to look after, not wanting Marissa Blanchet to be disturbed by the child.

Ellinor responded flatly. “I wanted your brother to look after him, but he wanted to come with me. Sorry for the trouble. If you want
to blame someone, blame your brother. It’s his kid, not mine.”
Veronica sensed something was off with Ellinor but couldn’t put her finger on it.
She glanced over Ellinor’s shoulder and said. “Hey? Where’s my brother? Why’d you come back alone?”
Ellinor responded, “He went for drinks with Jonah. He’s probably going to be late.”
With that, she walked past Veronica towards her room.
Veronica frowned, sensing something was wrong with Ellinor. She followed her, asking. “Hey, what’s up with you? You look pretty
out of it.”
Ellinor lowered her head and said, “Nothing, just tired.”
Veronica squinted at her. “Did you fight with my brother?”
Ellinor responded, “No.”
Veronica crossed her arms, saying, “Ellinor, let me be real. My brother is busy. He finally comes back to spend time with you, and
you fight with him? You’re out of line.”
Ellinor scoffed, “Right, I’m out of line; it’s all my fault! Don’t worry, your brother will find you a better sister-in-law in the future.
You’ll be happy.”
Veronica stayed silent.
Ellinor didn’t bother with her anymore and walked straight into her room.
Veronica quickly realized she had put her foot in her mouth. She scratched her head awkwardly, wanting to go in and explain, but
Ellinor had closed the door on her, leaving her outside.

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