The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1116

Chapter 1116
Veronica almost walked smack into the door. She took a step back, knocked on the door, and shouted, “Hey, Ellinor! I didn’t
mean anything with what I said! I just don’t want you to argue with my brother…”
There was no response from inside.
Veronica said again, “I didn’t mean to suggest my brother should dump you! Seriously! Don’t be upset. Just chalk it up to me
joking around!”
Still, no response from inside.
Veronica felt that she had apologized, but Ellinor was completely ignoring her. She was a bit ticked off, “Hey! You’re not really
upset, are you? Ellinor, you’re not usually this touchy! Hmph! If you’re angry, are you just going to abandon the kid? How long do
I need to look after him?”
No matter what Veronica said at the door, there was no response.
Frowning. Veronica felt something was off.
Ellinor’s reaction was abnormal. Usually, if she was upset, she would fire right back, but there was no sound today. Something
must have happened!
Unable to open the door and not wanting to stand there forever, Veronica went downstairs for a glass of water.
Baber was already asleep. She left the child in the care of her maid. As long as the child didn’t wake up, there would be no
immediate issues.
As she drank her water, she pondered Ellinor’s unusual behavior.
Suddenly, she heard a noise at the front door and turned around to see her brother rushing in and changing his shoes.
Veronica quickly put down the glass and went over, “Bro, you’re back!”
Theo responded with a frown, “Did your sister-in-law come back?”
Veronica nodded, “Yes, she’s back! She just went to her room!”

Hearing that, Theo’s face relaxed a little, and he let out a sigh of relief.
Veronica blinked and carefully asked, “Bro, did you guys have a fight?”
Theo hesitated before asking, “Did she say anything to you?”
Veronica shook her head, “No, she didn’t say anything. But she seemed off when she came back, so I thought I would ask you.”
Theo’s face looked complicated, “We’re fine. You should go to bed.”
After he said that, Theo finished changing his shoes and headed towards the stairs.
Veronica pouted, “Bro, the kid is still in my room. What am I supposed to do?”
“Just take care of him for now.” Theo didn’t even turn back as he gave his nonchalant response and went upstairs.
Veronica rolled her eyes, “Seriously! Neither of them cares about the kid, leaving it all to me, a single young lady!”
Theo quickly went upstairs but didn’t turn the door handle.
Why did Ellinor lock him out again?
She left quietly, came back first, and locked the door?
She was fine when she left!
He frowned, knocked on the door, and waited. There was no response from inside.

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