The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1117

Chapter 1117
Theo instructed Devin to fetch the spare key and opened the door.
As soon as he walked into the room, he was hit with the scent of shower gel wafting from the bathroom.
Ellinor had already showered.
Although Theo was slightly miffed, his annoyance evaporated when he saw Ellinor fast asleep on the bed.
Her sleeping position was heart-wrenching; she was hugging a pillow, her face nearly buried in it.
Such a position could cause breathing difficulties.
Theo’s gaze softened. He bent over, gently took the pillow she was hugging, and put it aside.
Then he carefully adjusted her body so that she was lying on her back.
Once he made sure Ellinor was sleeping comfortably, he looked down at her sleeping face and noticed a frown, as though she
had a bad dream.
Theo reached out, his cool fingertips gently massaging Ellinor’s forehead, trying to ease the crease between her brows.
Then, finding Ellinor too adorable, he unconsciously lowered his head and kissed her.
This series of actions seemed to have woken Ellinor up. She frowned and grumbled unhappily, “Don’t touch me. You’re dirty…”
Theo paused, lifted his body, and looked into her just-opened eyes, “What did you say?”
Ellinor was still frowning, her eyes calm, “I said you’re dirty. Don’t touch me!”
Theo didn’t realize Ellinor was joking; he was taken aback and his face darkened, “Ellinor, have I been too lenient with you,
letting you treat me this way all the time?”
Ellinor turned her back to him and said, “Yes! I’m too much! You can steer clear of me!”
Theo, not one to have a good temper, was provoked by Ellinor’s attitude. He gritted his teeth and ordered, “Turn around and look
at me!”

Ellinor didn’t move or respond.
Theo’s tone hardened, “I said turn around and look at me! Did you hear me?”
Ellinor responded, “I don’t want to look at you right now! Can you leave?”
No one had ever dared to talk to Theo like that! He knew he shouldn’t lose his temper with that woman, who was carrying his
child. But his emotions were at a tipping point!
Suppressing his anger, he tugged at his tie and said, “I’ll say it one more time. Turn around and look at me!”
If Ellinor didn’t turn around that time, Theo didn’t know what he would do!
But that time, Ellinor really did turn around. Not only did she turn, but she also sat up.
“If you don’t leave, then I will!”
She then got out of bed, put on her shoes, and was ready to go. The whole process was smooth and swift, without a hint of
Watching Ellinor walk away, Theo’s anger finally erupted. He took a step forward and tightly grabbed Ellinor.
He forcefully spun her around, his hand roughly lifting her chin as he said angrily, “If there’s something you’re unhappy with, or if I
did something wrong, speak up! Don’t always throw tantrums like this. You think this is the way to solve problems?”
Ellinor’s gaze was cold as she looked at him, as if she were looking at a corpse, “There are no issues between us that need to
be resolved! I just wanted to be alone in bed tonight. Is that too much to ask? Mr. Blanchet, even at home, you can’t force your
wife to share a bed with you; it’s against the law, didn’t you know?”
Theo’s pupils shook, and his anger intensified, “You think I stopped you just for that reason?”
Ellinor scoffed, “What else could it be? What do you genuinely feel for me? Aside from wanting to touch me, what’s genuine?”
Theo was utterly perplexed, “What part of me is fake with you? After all this time, you still don’t get my attitude towards you?
What did I do wrong today? Tell me!”

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