The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1119

Chapter 1119
Ellinor gave a cold laugh. “Even if you heard it, I’m not worried. But you got one thing wrong! There’s no way I could divorce your
brother because we never got married in the first place, so there’s no divorce to talk about.”
Veronica didn’t say anything.
Feeling tired, Ellinor rubbed her temples and asked, “Anything else? If not, I want to hit the sack.”
Frowning, Veronica said, “Yeah, there’s something! This kid just woke up looking for you, so I brought him over.”
Ellinor glanced at the pitiful Baber, and said indifferently, “He’s your brother’s adopted son; he has nothing to do with me.
You better give your brother a ring and let him pick up his own kid.”
As she was about to shut the door, she stopped halfway.
She suddenly felt her leg being hugged, and she was worried that closing the door would hurt the child.
Ellinor looked down at Baber, who was clinging to her leg. His anxious eyes were as if he were begging for a tiny bit of love.
Baber pouted, “Baber wants to follow you…”
Ellinor had decided to cut off ties with Theo and not have anything to do with him anymore, but seeing Baber like that, she
wavered a bit.
She hesitated for a moment but eventually accepted the innocent child, took his hand, and led him into the room.
Before Ellinor closed the door, Veronica couldn’t help but say another word, “Ellinor, um… I didn’t catch why you and my brother
had a fight, but I guess it’s probably his fault that you’re so pissed off! Whatever he did wrong, can you give him another chance?
He would definitely make it up to you!”
Ellinor didn’t answer.
She had already given him chances, but the man just wouldn’t spit out the truth. It was meaningless then.
Love always changed a woman unknowingly; no matter how much she loved herself, she often ended up in a mess.

Her mother was like that, and Karan was like that as well. She was no exception.
Ellinor shut the door, as if closing off her heart, which that had already made a decision.
Veronica sighed deeply at the door and went back to her room, feeling defeated.
Ellinor tucked Baber into bed, trying to get him to sleep.
But Baber kept blinking his big, watery eyes at her, “Are you and dad not together anymore? Please don’t leave…” Ellinor was
slightly taken aback by the child’s words, “Baber, you can’t think like that. You need to get some sleep!”
Baber pouted, “Do you not want me anymore?”
Ellinor didn’t say anything.
Although she felt sorry for the child, she really didn’t have anything to do with him, so she couldn’t answer that question. Baber,
seeming scared of being left behind, clung tightly to Ellinor’s hand, “If you’re leaving, I want to go with you.”

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