The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1120

Chapter 1120
Ellinor felt a bit helpless about the insecure kid. To get him to sleep as soon as possible, she reassured him, “Don’t worry, I’ll be
right here. You can sleep soundly. When you wake up in the morning, we’ll have breakfast together.”
“Okay…” Baber agreed, slowly closing his eyes and before drifting off to sleep quietly.
The next morning came too soon.
Just as Ellinor had promised Baber the night before, after waking up and freshening up, she led him downstairs for breakfast.
Baber had just arrived at the Blanchet villa and was still feeling a bit out of place. Even though the Blanchet family’s elders all
loved children, he still felt scared and only wanted to be with Ellinor.
After breakfast, Ellinor and Baber had some counseling sessions, and then she handed him over to Veronica to look after. She
had some stuff to do and needed to go to the company to discuss some matters with Chase and Ida.
However, when she opened the door, she found the entrance blocked by Collin and a bunch of bodyguards.
Collin bowed his head respectfully, and said, “Good morning, Ellinor.”
Ellinor frowned confusingly, “Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be at work?”
Collin replied, “I am at work. Mr. Blanchet arranged for us to be here.”
Ellinor raised an eyebrow unhappily, “What’s he got you guys doing here? Where is he?”
Collin answered, “Mr. Blanchet flew to M State last night. He arranged for us to be here around the clock to ensure your safety
before he left.”
Ellinor thought, “He flew to M State overnight?
Didn’t he ever get tired?
Was he going to see his legitimate wife over there?
Ha! Ellinor sneered, “Thanks for the concern, but I don’t need this kind of protection. You guys can go do whatever you’re
supposed to be doing; there’s no need to hover around me.”

With that, she tried to walk through the crowd of bodyguards at the door, but they didn’t give way.
Ellinor’s face darkened, “What’s going on?”
Collin stepped forward to explain, “Mr. Blanchet said that until the child is born, you can’t leave this house; you can’t go
Ellinor furrowed her brow, “I’m a free person. Why can’t I go anywhere? Move out of my way!”
The bodyguards at the door didn’t budge, blocking her path.
Collin respectfully tried to appease her, “Ellinor, Mr. Blanchet is doing this for your own good. Although you can’t go out, you can
invite anyone you want to see here. That’s allowed.”
Ellinor gave a huff, “What if I insist on going out?”
Collin bowed apologetically, “You can’t go out.”
Ellinor hated being threatened. Her face cooled, “Is that so?”
At that point, Marissa came over, her face full of smiles, and said “Ellinor, don’t be upset. Theo is doing all this for your own good.
For the next while, you just need to stay home and focus on getting ready for the baby. Whatever you want to eat, just let me
know. You can also invite your friends over. I’ll have the kitchen prepare some good food for you.”
Ellinor looked at her respected Marissa, her heart filled with confusion and unease.
She originally thought Marissa would have her best interests at heart, but it seemed that Marissa was still siding with her own
It looked like the Blanchet family was intent on limiting her freedom.
Ellinor didn’t say anything, turned around, went back to her room, walked out onto the balcony, and looked down.
Not only was there a bodyguard at the door, but also outside the main gate, and every certain distance along the wall, there were
bodyguards standing guard. It seemed like there was no way she could leave.

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