The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1123

Chapter 1123
Chase naturally turned to Ida and asked, “What’s the deal between you two?”
Ida took a sip of her coffee calmly and stated, “Nothing.”
Chase snickered, then looked at Byran and said, “Did you hear that, mate? Ida says there’s nothing going on between you two!”
Even without Chase’s provocation, Byran was already ticked off by Ida’s answer, “What do you mean there’s nothing going on?
That day you… you totally… you had me…”
The more he said, the redder his face got and the more tongue-tied he became. Byran had no clue what he was doing!
Ida frowned, sharply rebuking, “Shush! If you don’t know what to say, then don’t! Buzz off. Don’t disturb my work!”
Byran was so pissed off that he couldn’t say a word and slumped in a chair nearby.
Ida didn’t even spare him a glance, looking at Chase. “Anything else?”
Chase looked at Byran, laughed, and whispered to Ida, “Ida, I’m not blaming you, but you’re being a bit harsh. The kid’s just a
Ida glared at him, “What kid? He’s all grown up already! You think I like this? He’s like an annoying fly that I can’t shake off! It’s
driving me nuts!”
Chase laughed again, “When did this happen? I don’t recall you having any ties with him.”
Ida rubbed her forehead, replying, “That day at the hotel. After you left, he came…”
Chase asked curiously, “And then you guys…”
Ida cut him off. “Enough. Don’t get ideas. I was just messing around that day. I was forced into it!”
Chase looked skeptical.
Since Chase and Ida were close, they usually chatted quite intimately.
It was normal on any other day, but that day, in Byran’s eyes, it was like a capital offense!

Byran, who was already pissed, saw how close Chase and Ida were and got even more furious. He pointed at Chase and said,
“If you’re
bit further away!” talking to her, just talk! You don’t have to be so darn close! She’s not deaf; she can hear you even if you’re
Chase didn’t care about these rules. The angrier Byran got, the more excited he became, so he purposely hugged Ida and said,
“I like it this way, so what? Before she met you, we were like this every day, sometimes even sleeping together! Mr. Howard, you
just came too late!”
“Ah! You…” Like an angry cat, Byran charged at Chase, “Stand up! Let her go!”
Chase held Ida in his arms and said, “I won’t let her go; what are you going to do?”
“Ah! Are you nuts? Why are you hugging someone else’s girlfriend? Let her go! Don’t touch my girlfriend!” Byran blurted out their
relationship under the pressure.
Chase reached his goal, laughing as he let Ida go, “Oh, so she’s your girlfriend? Mr. Howard, you should’ve said so earlier! If you
had told me before, I wouldn’t have touched your girlfriend!”
Byran’s face turned red. He pulled Ida over to his side and said, “If you dare touch her again, I won’t let you off!”

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