The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1124

Chapter 1124
Chase waved dismissively, “I’m done with her! Mr. Howard, only you would fancy such a sly and workaholic woman!”
Byran kept a poker face, not too pleased with Chase’s description of his woman.
Ida took off her glasses, massaged her temples, and said, “If you’ve got nothing else, buzz off. I’ll catch up with you later.”
Chase shrugged and chuckled, “Alright then! I won’t disturb you two lovebirds. I’ll go make a call to the boss!”
Ida warned, “Don’t blabber unnecessary stuff at her!”
Chase flashed an OK sign, realizing Ida didn’t want him to spill the beans about her and Mr. Howard to the boss.
That Mr. Howard was the half-brother of the boss. Was Ida involved with him because she feared the boss’s wrath?
Once Chase had left, Ida put her glasses back on, giving Byran a chilly glance, “Have you had your fun? If you’re done, you can
go home and do your homework!”
Byran retorted confidently, “I’ve already finished my homework!”
Ida responded with slight annoyance, “Then go do what you need to do. Don’t disturb me at work!”
Feeling slighted, Byran wasn’t too pleased, but he clearly tempered his temper when dealing with Ida. “Okay, I won’t disturb you.
But promise me you won’t get too close to Chase; I don’t think he’s good news!”
Ida sat down at her desk, casting a playful glance at him, “Why should I agree to your terms? You really think we have something
going on?”
Byran frowned, then blushed, “You still doubt our relationship? Don’t worry, I’ll take responsibility!”
Ida was amused by his naivety, “Dear sir, who said I need you to take responsibility? Just because something happened doesn’t
mean you have to be responsible for it. Don’t tell me you can’t handle that?”
Byran’s face turned red, a mix of embarrassment and anger, “Anyway, if you don’t let me take responsibility, then you’ll have to
be responsible for me! I…it was my first time!”

Hearing him mention “the first time,” Ida felt a headache coming on. She should’ve known better than to mess with a simpleton
like him!
The day Chase left; she was forced by this man to answer some questions in the hotel. She teased him, hoping to scare him off.
But who knew that man had such a strong ego? He actually stripped his clothes off! She played along, teasing him a few more
times and pushing him onto the bed!
For a taste of thrill, the man turned the tables, pinning her underneath him.
Ever since then, he’s been sticking to her like glue! She couldn’t shake him off!
Just then, he came to the office spouting nonsense, pinning her against the glass, and biting her. He was like a little wolf with
sharp teeth, almost puncturing her artery.
If it wasn’t for Chase walking in on time, she would’ve been devoured by that little wolf again!
Byran didn’t think too much; he just knew that once he made up his mind about something or someone, he wouldn’t change it!
“Hey! I’m hungry. When can you take a break? Can we go out for lunch together?”
Ida, engrossed in a document, responded casually, “I usually have lunch in the office.”
Byran looked unhappy, “What should I do then?”
Ida still seemed unbothered, “If you’re hungry, go find something to eat yourself. Eat whatever you want. No one’s stopping you.”
Byran’s eyes widened, his face taut with dissatisfaction.

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