The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1125

Chapter 1125
Ida raised an eyebrow at him and asked, “Aren’t you leaving yet? Are you short on cash? Need me to give you some for food?”
At the mention of Ida giving him money, Byran, who had just felt ignored by a woman, was suddenly filled with motivation. He
believed that Ida was showing concern for him.
“No need! I have money, but you should accompany me for dinner; you can’t just abandon me here!”
Ida scrunched up her eyebrows, “Sorry, in my book, there’s no such thing as ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’. Only kids keep stressing
‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’.”
Byran continued, “I’m not a kid!”
Ida smirked, “Did I say you were?”
Byran angrily crossed his arms and sat down in a huff. He had never been treated like that by a woman before. This woman was
simply insufferable! It was infuriating!
Ida ignored him completely, adjusted her glasses, and focused on her work, as if he didn’t exist at all.
After finishing her paperwork, she was about to call her secretary to collect the files when she looked up to see Byran napping on
the couch. Ida frowned, initially planning to call security to take this brat away. But then she remembered that he was the boss’s
half-brother, and the boss was quite fond of him. If anything happened to him, the boss would surely be upset.
Begrudgingly, Ida rubbed her temples, grabbed her regular blanket, and went over to cover him.
As she did, Byran suddenly opened his eyes and said, “Ida, I knew it. You do care about me!”
Ida was exasperated.
Originally, she was carefully covering him with the blanket, afraid that any big movements would wake him and cause more
nuisance. However, then that the brat was awake; Ida showed no kindness, yanking the blanket up and covering his entire face!
Then Ida turned around and walked out of the office.

Byran pulled off the blanket, got up, and followed her out. He saw Ida instructing her secretary at the door to fetch the files and
quickly approached.
The secretary glanced at Byran, who had come out of the CEO’s office, with
curious look in her eyes.
Ida felt annoyed. She finished instructing her subordinate and left, but Byran was still following her.
Fed up, she stopped, turned around, and asked, “Why are you following me?”
Byran replied, “I don’t know. I just go wherever you go!”
Ida pulled a sardonic smile, “Even married couples don’t need to follow each other everywhere, right? Mr. Howard, please
respect yourself!”
Byran blushed, “Did you say ‘married’? Uh… I’ll find time to talk to my family, and then I’ll take you to meet my parents! They
probably also want me to graduate from college before getting married, especially my brother, who wants me to prioritize my
studies! But if you’re eager to get married, we can register first! I can promise you that I will be responsible for you till the end. I
won’t be unfaithful!”
“Enough!” Ida found it more ridiculous the more she listened. That gentleman seemed to live in a soap opera, thinking that
sleeping together once meant they had to be together!
How laughable!
She had never thought about getting married and certainly didn’t need a kid to be responsible for her!
“Mr. Howard, you might’ve misunderstood me! What I meant was, leave here, stop following me. You’d better spend your time
doing your own thing! Do you understand now?”
Byran snorted, “We’re on winter break. I’ve finished my homework, and I just happen to have time to accompany you.”

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