The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1126

Chapter 1126
Was Byran a bit slow on the uptake?
“I don’t really need your company,” Ida said.
Byran shrugged, “Women are always saying one thing and meaning another. Just now you were worried I’d catch a cold and
even helped me cover up with the blanket.”
Ida stayed silent.
If they weren’t seeing eye to eye, there was no need to talk more than necessary.
Ida ignored Byran, quickly heading towards Chase’s office.
The secretary’s spot at Chase’s office was empty, which Ida found odd. Before entering, she turned to Byran sternly, “Wait here;
don’t follow me in.”
Byran was a bit ticked off, “Why? What are you up to with Chase?”
“I’m working. This is a company; Chase is my collaborator and coworker! You’re not an employee here, so you don’t have the
right to go in there with me to discuss work.” Ida stated.
Ida’s serious demeanor made Byran a bit miffed, “Alright, alright! I won’t mess up your work; go ahead; I’ll wait out here.”
Ida gave him a cold look, then knocked and entered Chase’s office.
Byran, like a dog waiting for its owner outside a supermarket, waited obediently yet anxiously. He even thought about
eavesdropping by pressing his ear against the door.
After hearing his name, Byran snapped out of it. He turned to see Belinda, who was holding a coffee cup, looking surprised, “Is
that really you, Byran? What are you doing here?”
Byran was also surprised to see Belinda, “I was about to ask you the same question! What are you doing here?”
Belinda sat down at her desk, “I work here. What’s so surprising about that?”

Byran’s eyes widened, “What? You work here? Aren’t you working at Theo’s company?”
“Oh, my uncle Theo’s company was dull, so I decided to work here instead to challenge myself!” Belinda replied.
Byran, suddenly having a thought, asked, “Does your company hire part-timers? Can I apply?”
Belinda looked at him suspiciously, “You want to work here? Why? Don’t you have your own company?”
Byran made a face, “My own company’s boring. I’m constantly under my brother’s watch and always getting criticized. I want to
be independent like you.”
Belinda was skeptical, “Our company probably doesn’t hire high school students.”
Byran frowned awkwardly, “I’m about to graduate.”
“Well, we don’t hire part-timers either.”
“Then how did you get in?” Byran asked incredulously.
Belinda rolled her eyes, “I’m not like you! I’m a university graduate; I submitted my resume and got in through a normal
Byran huffed, “Oh, so university graduates are all that?!”
Belinda found him childish, “I’m not going to argue anymore! You still haven’t told me why you’re here. Just now you were
sneaking around and pressing your face against Mr. Larios’ door to eavesdrop!”
Byran felt a bit embarrassed. He cleared his throat, trying to defend himself. “I wasn’t eavesdropping! My girlfriend is in there, so
I was just worried about her.”
Belinda was taken aback, “What? You have a girlfriend?”
Byran lifted his head slightly and smiled. “Is it strange that I have a girlfriend?”
Belinda couldn’t help but laugh, waving her hand, “Very strange! Who would want to date a childish guy like you? Hahaha.”
Byran’s face fell, “You’re the childish one!”

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