The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1129

Chapter 1129
Belinda was having a blast chatting with Bryan when suddenly a group of guys came and whisked him away. She was still trying
to wrap her head around the situation as she nibbled on her coffee straw in a daze.
“Look at you, having a blast with your coffee?”
The sound of Chase’s voice snapped Belinda back to reality, and she put down her coffee.
Chase had a grin plastered on his face, “I didn’t tell you not to drink. Why so jumpy? But how come you’re hogging all the coffee
for yourself and not getting me a cup?”
Belinda stood up to explain, “Mr. Larios, this coffee wasn’t my order; it’s on the house from some colleagues. Plus, it’s a budget-
friendly option; it might not be to your liking, so they didn’t bother getting you this.”
She was careful with her words, not wanting to land her colleagues in hot water.
Chase raised an eyebrow. “Is that so? How do you know it’s not to my liking? Gimme, let me give it a taste.”
Give it a taste? He didn’t even order anything, so what was he trying to taste?
Belinda was flabbergasted, watching Chase with wide eyes.
Chase sauntered over to her desk, picked up the coffee, took a sip, and nodded, “Not too shabby! Get me one next time.”
Belinda was gobsmacked. She was blushing furiously, completely at a loss.
Wait, hold up! Don’t go overboard!
Chase never had any self-control around women; he was probably kissing and sleeping with a different woman every day,
so what was a sip of someone’s drink?
He must’ve just done it out of habit, not because it was her coffee. Even if it was another woman’s, he’d still take a swig.
Belinda banished these thoughts from her mind, took the coffee from Chase, and tossed it in the trash, “Sure, Mr. Larios, next
time someone’s getting coffee, I’ll make sure they get you one too.”

Chase squinted his eyes. He watched Belinda toss the coffee in the trash and chuckled. “Didn’t know you disliked me that much.
Sorry for ruining your coffee.”
Belinda frowned, coldly replying, “No worries, I’d already had half of it; I usually can’t finish a whole cup anyway, so I always end
up throwing
it away.”
Chase’s expression turned serious. The girl who used to be head over heels for him was now so indifferent that he was having a
hard time getting used to it.
But wasn’t this exactly what he wanted?
Ida came over and reminded him, “Alright, enough teasing your secretary! Let’s get down to business!”
Chase snapped back to reality, turned serious, and said, “Ms. Wesley, I need a favor.”
Belinda slightly bowed, “Mr. Larios, feel free to tell me what you need.”
“It’s not work-related; it’s a personal favor actually.”
Belinda looked puzzled, “Personal? Mr. Larios, what personal favor could you possibly need from me?”
She better not have to go get him condom again!
Chase slung his arm around Ida’s shoulder, “We’re both planning to visit the Blanchet Villa later, but we’re afraid the Blanchet
family might not welcome us, so we might not be able to get in. You’re related to Theo, right? I figure that if you come with us, it
should be smooth sailing.”
Belinda was a bit confused, “Mr. Larios, why would you and Ms. Gipson suddenly want to visit the Blanchet Villa together? Is
there something special going on?”

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