The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1131

Chapter 1131
Mr. Lanos, are you that nosy? So what it I have feelings for that male colleague? How can you help us?”
Chase responded with a slight grin, “Nothing is impossible. When I finish up my work in the next couple of days, I’ll arrange
something for
Selinda remained silent.
She had said all that with a hint of annoyance and sarcasm, not expecting him to actually agree.
Save your effort. Mr. Larios, I can handle my own business. You don’t need to worry about me!” Belinda retorted, clearly not
Chase arched an eyebrow. “So you’re planning to pursue him on your own again?”
Salinda frowned and turned to face him seriously, “Mr. Larios, yes, I pursued you once and failed, but that doesn’t mean I need to
chase after every man like. I’m not that unattractive!”
Chase chuckled, “Indeed! With your qualities, I’m sure there are men chasing after you.”
Selinda didn’t want to deal with him anymore. She had once thought of him as gentle, witty, and always calm with a hint of
humor. Now, he Just seemed sarcastic and annoying.
Elhor was right. This man was not cut out to be a serious boyfriend. Anyone who ended up with him would get hurt.
Seeing that Belinda was not responding, Chase also got bored and didn’t say anything else. He turned to look at Ida, who was
also staring at her phone, so he quietly leaned over to take a peek.
Iba was reading a complaint from Byran.
Eyran texted. “You shameless woman, you betrayed me; I hate you!”
Ida didn’t reply.
Syran sent another message. “You told my brother I was harassing you; what kind of trick is this? Why don’t you talk about how
you seduced me in the first place?”

Ida adjusted her glasses but still had no intention of responding.
Within 10 seconds, another message from Byran arrived. “Now my brother has beaten me up for messing around. Are you
happy now?”
Ida’s brow furrowed slightly. After hesitating for a while, she finally responded, “Where did he hit you?”
“Everywhere! You wicked woman, it’s all your fault!”
“Learn your lesson and stop bothering me. Then you won’t get beaten up.”
“Impossible! You slept with me and think you can just walk away? I’ll come find you when my brother is not around! You better
not see other men behind my back, or I’ll bite you!”
Ida pinched the bridge of her nose. “Looks like your brother didn’t beat you enough.”
*I will never submit; I just don’t want to upset my brother, he’s not well lately! I will never succumb to violence!”
Ida didn’t bother to reply anymore. Talking to such a stubborn kid was a total waste of time.
Perhaps because Ida didn’t respond, Byran started to coax her. “Ida, what are you doing? My brother locked me in my room.
Can we video chat?”
Ida still didn’t respond. Just as she was about to turn off her phone, Byran’s video call request came in.
Ida was going to decline, but before she could, Chase took her phone.

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