The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1132

Chapter 1132
By the time Ida realized, it was already too late.
The video call had connected. Bryan moved out of the frame, looking somewhat displeased. In an arrogant tone, he said, “Ida,
forget it; I forgive you!
I also did something wrong today. I shouldn’t have disturbed you at work; I shouldn’t have made you mad.
I won’t be so capricious next time: I’ll wait till you finish work before looking for you.”
Chase replied, “Mr. Howard, you seem to get it! You know Ida hates it when people interfere with her work, and you quickly
realized your mistake too.”
As soon as Bryan heard his voice, he stared at the screen, “It’s you again! Why are you holding her phone?”
Before Chase could speak, Ida snatched the phone. “Hang up!”
Bryan’s voice suddenly stopped because Ida hung up the call and switched off the phone.
Then, Ida glared at Chase, “What’s your problem?”
Chase shrugged, “I just wanted to see if he is really serious about you! Now I can confirm that the lad isn’t bad; he’s a bit
arrogant, but he knows how to admit his mistakes. I think it’s worth it for you to hang out with him a bit more.”
“Stop talking!” Ida rolled her eyes at him, turned her face away to rest, and ignored him.
Chase was laughing happily when he accidentally noticed in the rear-view mirror that Belinda was looking at him with disdain.
They arrived at the Blanchet Villa.
As they got out of the car, Belinda noticed several bodyguards guarding her uncle’s house, which was a bit strange.
She went up and rang the doorbell. The face of Devin appeared on the doorbell screen, “Oh, it’s Ms. Wesley!”
Belinda nodded, “Devin, I came to see Ellinor. Is she home?”

Devin asked carefully, “The lady is home. Ms. Wesley, did you come alone?”
Belinda answered truthfully, “No, I brought two friends with me.”
“Uh… who are your friends? Do they know our lady?” Devin asked again to confirm their identities.
Belinda nodded, “They know Ellinor; they’re good friends. Just tell Ellinor that I brought Chase and Ida to visit her.”
Devin hesitated for a moment, “Alright, Ms. Wesley, please wait a moment.”
Then the image on the doorbell screen disappeared.
Belinda thought that Devin probably went to ask Ellinor, right?
But when did the security here get so strict? She remembered that there weren’t bodyguards at the door before.
Chase and Ida had also gotten out of the car. After seeing the tall bodyguards at the entrance of the Blanchet Villa, they
exchanged a glance.
Soon, Devin came out with several servants. The servants behind him were carrying some tools that seemed familiar.
“Devin, how about it? Ellinor said my two friends can go in with me, right?” Belinda asked as she approached.
Devin looked serious. He glanced at Chase and Ida standing not far away, then said, “Ms. Wesley, because we’ve never seen
the two friends you brought before, they need to go through some security checks to ensure they’re not carrying any dangerous
items before they can see Mrs. Blanchet.”
Belinda was stunned, “Security checks?”

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