The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 968

Chapter 968
“Ha! Mr. Blanchet already called it a wrap; why are you guys still yapping here? Do you need me to relay your questions to Mr.
Collin walked in, tapping the door lightly, breaking up the heated discussion in the meeting room.
Seeing Mr. Blanchet’s assistant walk in, everyone immediately straightened up, reining in their curiosity and not daring to chatter
anymore. They looked at each other, then packed up their files and left.
When Theo arrived at the hospital, Ellinor was helping Balfour, who was sitting on a chair, drink some water.
He saw this scene from afar, and his mood immediately sank. He hadn’t even had the pleasure of being babied like that.
Theo walked up to Ellinor, coldly watching Balfour, “I heard Mr. Howard hurt his foot, not his hands.”
Hearing Theo’s voice, Ellinor straightened up and turned to look at him, “Theo, you’re here!”
Theo glanced at her and didn’t respond. He reached out to take the bottle of water from her, then walked up to Balfour, speaking
in an unfriendly tone, “Can you drink the water yourself? Do you need me to help you?”
Balfour matched Theo’s cold gaze as he took the water from him, “Thanks, I don’t need help.”
Ellinor pursed her lips. “Theo, Mr. Howard hurt his foot, but,because of the pain, his hands are a bit weak, so I was helping him
hold the bottle.”
Theo gave her a stern look and snorted lightly, “You’re so considerate! I’ve never seen you being this considerate towards me
Ellinor fell silent.
Balfour frowned at Theo’s attitude, “Can you be nicer when you’re talking to Ellinor?”
Theo turned to Balfour, “Stay out of our business.”
Balfour had no response.
Ellinor wasn’t angry at Theo; she was used to his jealousy.

“Theo, you’re here so soon? Aren’t you busy at work?” Ellinor blinked at him.
“Even if I’m busy, I always put you first. Let’s go!” Theo took her hand and led her towards the door.
Ellinor had to keep pace with Theo as she looked back at Balfour, “Theo, Balfour still…”
Theo said coldly, “His hands are fine; he can push his own wheelchair.”
Ellinor was silent again.
Balfour watched the man who was taking his sister away with a gloomy expression. He pushed his wheelchair to follow them
with both hands.
Theo really shouldn’t have come; Ellinor’s attitude towards him had improved a lot today, but now it was all ruined.
At the hospital entrance, Balfour had to get off the wheelchair and return it to the nurse at the front desk.
Ellinor gently pulled Theo’s rough finger, “Theo, the doctor said Mr. Howard can’t touch the ground; can you help him up?”
Theo didn’t seem very willing, and he glanced at Balfour, “I have to help him up?”
Ellinor frowned at his reluctance, “Then why did I ask you to come?

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