The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 970

Chapter 970
Though Balfour wasn’t thrilled about it, he was in a tight spot. His sister was adamant about him not walking, and he didn’t dare
defy her, so he ended up being carried upstairs by the man again.
When they reached the floor. Theo put him down at the front door and told him to open it himself.
Balfour punched in the pass code and opened the door. Noticing that Theo was about to come over to help him, he quickly
waved him off and hopped into his apartment, successfully plopping down on his couch.
Theo and Ellinor stood at the door, watching Balfour settle down, and were soon ready to take off.
“Since you’re here, why not come in for a bit and have a drink before you go?” Balfour invited them.
Ellinor wasn’t too keen on checking out Balfour’s room, but she was a bit wary of leaving him alone before the nurse arrived.
She was worried that once she left, Balfour would definitely attempt to walk.
With that in mind, Ellinor turned to ask, “Theo, are you parched?”
Theo understood Ellinor’s implication as soon as he heard the question, so he nodded, “Yeah, a bit.”
Ellinor said, “Then let’s have a drink at Mr. Howard’s place before we leave.”
Theo agreed, following her into Balfour’s spacious apartment and closing the door behind them.
Balfour said, “Ellinor, I’m a bit handicapped right now. Feel free to grab whatever you want from the kitchen.”
Without any hesitation, Ellinor made her way to the kitchen.
After watching his sister venture into the kitchen, Balfour raised his eyes to look at Theo, “Take a seat.”
Theo parked himself on the single-seat sofa, crossing his long legs leisurely, “Tell me, what was the situation like at the time?
How did the car hit you?”
Remembering the incident, Balfour narrowed his eyes warily, “Ellinor was crossing the street. I made sure it was safe, but then a
car suddenly barreled out of nowhere, not even attempting to brake. It was definitely aiming for Ellinor.”

Theo’s eyes narrowed thoughtfully.
Balfour looked at him seriously, “Theo, I don’t need to remind you of the complexity of your family’s social relations, do I? I’m not
interested in your family affairs, but my sister is with you now. You must ensure her safety. You can’t put her in danger because
of you.”
After a long silence, Theo asked, “What kind of car was it?”
Balfour replied, “A gray van.”
Theo nodded, “I’ll find out who did it. Don’t worry, I won’t let something like this happen again.”
Suddenly, a scream from Ellinor rang out from the kitchen. The two men on the couch instantly became alert, and they both
looked towards the kitchen.
Ellinor was seen running out of the kitchen as if she had seen a ghost, with two drinks in her hand, followed by an excited white
dog. Seeing this, Theo immediately stood up and quickly moved to Ellinor’s side, shielding her behind him and warning the dog
not to come any closer.
“Rafi, come here.” Balfour called out, and the big white dog immediately ran to him, resting its head on his lap.
While petting the dog’s head, Balfour apologized to Ellinor, “Ellinor, are you alright? This dog just really likes people. Did it scare
Ellinor wasn’t afraid of dogs; it was just the sudden appearance of this one that gave her quite a fright.

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