The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 971

Chapter 971
After calming down, Ellinor took Theo’s hand and sat back on the couch, curiously asking, “Mr. Howard, you don’t live here. Why
would you have a dog in
this house?”
Balfour petted the dog’s head, “It’s not mine.”
Ellinor was slightly surprised. “This is your house, but the dog isn’t yours?”
Balfour patiently explained, “A friend of mine went abroad. She couldn’t take her dog with her, so she left it here for me to take
care of for a while. Someone comes to walk and feed the dog every day. I just drop by occasionally.”
To Ellinor, Balfour was a man with strong class consciousness who always put his interests first when dealing with others. Would
he agree to help others
take care of a dog?
Ellinor’s curiosity was piqued. “Is this friend a guy or a girl?”
Caught off guard by her question, Balfour paused, then laughed, “You’re interested in my personal life now?”
Frowning, Ellinor popped open a drink, “Just asking. If you don’t want to answer, then don’t!”
Balfour honestly replied, “A female friend.”
Ellinor squinted, “What’s your relationship? Lovers?”
Balfour shook his head, “No, just ordinary friends.”
Ellinor snorted, “I don’t believe you.”
If they were just friends, would Balfour really agree to help her take care of her dog? They definitely had some kind of ambiguous
Balfour chuckled, “Really, she’s a married friend.”

Ellinor scowled, “You’re not trying to break up her family, are you?”
Balfour denied it, “There’s really nothing between us. If she were my girlfriend, why would I lie about it to you?”
Losing interest, Ellinor handed her drink to Balfour and got up to take the dog onto the balcony
Only Balfour and Theo were left in the living room.
Leaning tiredly against the couch, Balfour asked, “How’s the stock market for the Blanchet Corporation? Can we keep it under
Theo replied, “There are some difficulties, but it’s still manageable.”
Balfour rarely showed goodwill towards the Blanchet Corporation, “If you need help, I can send Quinton to handle it.”
Theo was slightly surprised, “In what capacity are you saying this to me? As Ellinor’s brother?”
“All of this is because of what Patri has done, so the Howard family also has to take responsibility.” Balfour rubbed his temples,
“Of course, if I had a choice, I wouldn’t want to be your brother–in–law, but since Ellinor chose you, I have to accept you.”
Theo gave a soft chuckle, “Balfour, don’t you find your behavior very contradictory? Before, you spoiled Patricia and put a lot of
pressure on me to make me take responsibility for her. Now that you’ve found out that Ellinor is your real sister, you’ve changed
your stance and now treat Ellinor the same way. Do you think Ellinor would accept this kind of behavior?”
Balfour, of course, understood the contradictions in his actions and felt remorse, I’m sorry, I was indeed confused back then.”

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