The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 972

Chapter 972
Theo gave it a deep thought and said, “Ellinor doesn’t want to be part of your whole brother and sister thing. And even if she did,
I wouldn’t let her go. back to the Howard family.”
Balfour knitted his brows, “Why? You afraid our family feud will mess with your marriage?”
Theo replied. “No outside drama will shake us. But if she returns to the Howard family, it’d be super awkward for her in the
Blanchet family. Sure, I can protect her when I’m around, but I can’t always have her glued to my hip. And knowing her, she’d
hate being dragged around everywhere with me. She had a tough time growing up, so I think we should stop making things hard
for her. Keeping the status quo ain’t such a bad thing”
Balfour thought for a moment and admitted that Theo made sense. “Alright, we’ll keep things as they are for now. But if you ever
screw her over, the Howard family won’t stand by and watch.”
Theo took a determined sip of his drink, “You’re worrying over nothing.”
Soon enough, Quinton and the caregivers arrived.
Ellinor handed over all the doctor’s orders to Quinton and then left with Theo.
Quinton was initially surprised to see Theo in Balfour’s private residence, but when he saw Ms. Mendoza there too, it didn’t seem
so odd anymore.
Balfour’s private residence held a special meaning to him, and he didn’t just let anyone in. Even his beloved Patricia never
stepped foot in there.
But Ms. Mendoza was different. She was Balfour’s sister, the person he cared about the most in this world, so she had access.
“Balfour, how did your foot get so messed up? And they haven’t found the car that hit you? Want me to get someone on it?”
Quinton asked.
Balfour replied, “Theo will take care of the car. Quinton, I asked you to keep an eye on any suspicious activity around the
Blanchet family. Found anything?”
Quinton shook his head, “Nothing suspicious so far.”

Balfour squinted uneasily, “Keep watching. Stay sharp!”
Quinton replied. “Got it.”
Three days later.
Ellinor held a press conference under her own name at Central Park.
She had Chase Larios send out invitations to news outlets both domestic and international on her behalf, inviting them for an on–
site interview.
The press conference was scheduled for 8 am, and by 7 a.m., the park was swarming with media.
Actually, Ellinor was just a small fry‘ and was not very well–known. Before this news broke, there was almost no information
about her online; only her teachers and classmates at Creston University knew her.
The reason the media turned up in droves today was entirely because of the internet rumor that Ellinor was the wife of Theo
The Blanchet Corporation was one of the wealthiest and most powerful groups in the country, and news related to it was
naturally juicy.
In the morning, after Theo dropped Ellinor off, he headed to the company.
Chase and Ida Gipson’s car was parked nearby. While the reporters were still oblivious, Ellinor found them and got in the car.
It was not yet half past seven. She planned to stay in the car until the press conference started; otherwise, she would definitely
be swarmed by reporters and bombarded with crazy questions.

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