The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 973

Chapter 973
After watching their boss get into the car, Chase and Ida turned around to look at Ellinor, who was yawning
Chase seemed a bit peeved, asking. “Boss, why are you the only one here? Didn’t the Blanchet family send anyone to help you?
Where’s Mr. Blanchet?”
Ida pitched in her own question too, “What’s the deal with the Blanchet family? Are they worried you’ll flunk the test and are in a
hurry to cut ties with you?”
Ellinor, looking a bit tired, shook her head, “It’s not that complicated. Mr. Blanchet dropped me off. I didn’t think the situation was
that serious, so I had him head to the office.”
Chase frowned, “You told him to go, and he just went? Does he really love you? He left you alone with those vicious media
people. Isn’t he worried you’ll get picked on?”
Ellinor raised an eyebrow lightly, “You think I’d get bullied?”
Chase shrugged, “I know you won’t be bullied; you’re a real scholar! But does Mr. Blanchet know you?”
Ellinor responded. “Him staying wouldn’t help, it would just attract more media attention. And right now, I don’t want the media to
link me too closely with the Blanchet family. I don’t want any of my movements to impact the Blanchet family’s stock prices, so I
can’t give the media too clear a picture of my relationship with them.”
Chase mulled this over and admitted it made sense, “Okay, I just thought it’s tough that when the chips are down, your boyfriend
isn’t there for you to lean on, and you’re shouldering everything like before.”
Ellinor shot him a glance, “Mind your own business! How’s that thing I asked you to deal with last time?”
Chase grinned, playing dumb, “Boss, you’re always assigning me tasks; I have no idea which one you’re referring to!
Ellinor gave him a stern look, “Stop playing dumb! Is Belinda Wesley still working at the company?”
Chase spread his hands, “She is!”
Ellinor narrowed her eyes, “What’s her position?”

Chase chuckled, “My secretary…”
Ellinor furrowed her brows unhappily, “You’re taking my words lightly. Are you just keeping her around for fun?”
Chase waved his hands, “No, no, boss, I wouldn’t dare mess with your niece! I’ve just been intentionally keeping her close
Ellinor stared at him seriously, “What do you mean by that?”
Chase sighed in irritation, “Didn’t you say that I should find a way to make Belinda dislike me? But I’m not supposed to hurt her
pride. So I kept her close to let her see what kind of person I am. Eventually, she’ll be fed up and quit on her own. If I fired her
outright, she’d never let go. What woman would give up a charming man like me?”
After finishing his explanation, he was met with skeptical looks from the two girls in the car.
Ellinor asked again, “How are you showing her your true self?”
Chase laughed unabashedly, covering his face shyly, “I’m too embarrassed to say.”
Ellinor was speechless.
Ida couldn’t stand his disgusting behavior anymore and spoke for him, “He brings different women into his office every day, and
they do inappropriate things, making a terrible impression”
Chase rolled his eyes, ‘ida, don’t make things up! Would I really mess around in my office? I’m just putting on a show for the
secretaries outside”
Ida scoffed, “You think just because it’s an act, you’re still a pure person?”

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