The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 975

Chapter 975
“Why does Ellinor look like she doesn’t give a damn? Is she even taking this exam seriously?”
Isn’t that just the attitude of a rebellious teen? Leopards don’t change their spots! Are we really expecting her to ace this thing?”
“On the other hand, Rosie seems to be acting like a real top student!”
“Rosie looks so focused and confident!”
“My thoughts exactly! Go. Rosie!”
Tm an alum of Creston University, so I can vouch for Ellinor being a real brain at Creston”
“Hey, commenter above, did Ellinor pay you to be her fan? How much does a comment cost?”
“The results will be out soon, we’ll see who the real brain is!”
“Even if the President showed up, Rosie would still be the real brain.”
“Go, Ellinor! All of Creston University’s faculty and students are behind you!”
“Good grief! Creston students are so united. What’s the benefit of supporting the capitalist for you guys?“.
“We’re just supporting our alum. How did that turn into supporting capitalists?”
“Isn’t Ellinor one of those girls who has been coddled by capitalists and suppresses the efforts of us regular folks? If you support
her, aren’t you supporting capitalists?”
“Looks like these top students from Creston University are just trying to suck up to the Blanchet Corporation to secure their future
“Top students? What a disgrace!”
“Everyone, quit the bickering! Won’t the results be out in a bit? We can resume our debate then.”
“Right! Go Rosie! The fruit of our common struggle should be in our own hands!”
“Ellinor will definitely win!!!”

“Rosie will definitely win!!!”
The two test–takers were blissfully unaware of the online kerfuffle.
The elders of the Howard family and the Blanchet family were watching the live stream in their respective homes, waiting for the
Balfour, injured and unable to go to the office, was at his spacious flat, stroking his friend’s dog while watching his sister’s exam
Theo also wasn’t at the office. He was sitting in his car, resting his forehead on one hand with his eyes sharply focused as he
watched the live stream on
his car TV.
Time ticked by, and the two contestants on stage had already finished most of their questions.
The exam paper was broken up into three parts, without distinguishing between subjects but rather combining high school
knowledge from all areas.
onto one paper
Rosie finished first, getting up to hand her exam paper to the host, who was also acting as the examiner.
Ellinor then also put down her pen, raising her hand to show she was done.
After the host collected their papers, he invited the high school teacher who set the questions onto the stage to correct the
papers live and tally up the

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