The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 977

Chapter 977
We’re just going by what we seel Rosie’s been doing farm work at home for years, yet she still managed to ace her exams.
That’s way better than Ellinor, who cheated her way into college!”
“Absolutely! Rosie’s definitely the one who’s good at studying!”
At the Howard family’s mansion.
The entire family sat in the living room, watching the live stream, and saw that both sides had scored full marks. Their
expressions varied
Dean and Alyssa’s brows were furrowed. They initially leaned towards believing in Ellinor, but now that both sides had scored full
marks, they didn’t know
who to trust
McNeil was sitting off to the side, sipping his coffee with a gloomy expression on his face. His eyes were fixed on Ellinor, who
was yawning continuously on the screen, making him feel a bit worried.
Why was she so sleepy? Was it because she was nervous about the exam and didn’t sleep well last night?
Patricia and her mother sat on the other side, exchanging glances.
It was within their expectations that Rosie could score full marks because Xenia had stolen the questions from the teacher who
set the paper, quickly found someone to calculate all the correct answers, and gave them to Rosie to memorize.
But the fact that Ellinor also scored full marks was somewhat disappointing for them. They thought that even if Ellinor was good
at studying, she wouldn’t be able to score full marks. Even if she got one or two questions wrong, that meant they would win.
Now that it was a tie, things were a bit tricky.
Xenia thought for a moment and asked, “Mom, Dad, who do you think won this exam?”
Dean said, “Didn’t you just see that both of them got full marks? There’s no way to tell who won, right?”
Alyssa also said, “Yes, the live stream is currently showing both of their exam papers, and they both indeed scored full marks.”

Xenia shook her head, “Even though they both scored full marks, I think we can still determine who won.”
Dean frowned, “How can you tell who won when they both got full marks?”
Xenia opened the live chat and slowed down the rolling speed to show her parents, “Look, Mom, Dad, the netizens are saying
that Rosie, despite doing farm work at home for years, still managed to score full marks. She’s definitely the stronger one! As for
Ellinor, she just graduated from Creston University this year and has been receiving the best education, so it’s no surprise that
she got full marks. Compared to that, Rosie’s full marks are more valuable!”
Patricia echoed her mother’s words, “Yeah, Grandma and Grandpa, after Ellinor cheated her way into Creston University, she
must have been worried that her actual grades were much lower and that people would discover her deception, so she must
have brushed up on her high school knowledge. But Rosie, despite not studying for so many years, still managed to achieve
such good results. That’s really something!”
Dean and Alyssa looked at each other, wanting to protect. Theo and Ellinor, but hesitated for a moment.
McNeil looked at Xenia, who was stirring up trouble, with some displeasure in his eyes, but he didn’t say anything.
On the other side, the Blanchet family’s mansion.
Putnam Blanchet sat in his wheelchair, heavily pounding the armrest, “See, she also got full marks! Why did they have to hold
this press conference? Is it because they think the Blanchet family hasn’t been humiliated enough?”
Marissa Blanchet frowned, “Why are you so worked up? Didn’t Ellinor also score full marks?”
Putnam said discontentedly. “Humph, it’s not the same, is it? Others can score full marks even if they haven’t gone to school or
studied for years! How long has your grandson’s wife been out of school?”
“You talk as if Ellinor isn’t your grandson’s wife!”
“Do you think I want to accept this girl with an unknown background?”

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