The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 978

Chapter 978
At the press conference, a media reporter stood up and asked, “Now that both of you have perfect scores, doesn’t that make this
competition meaningless? We can’t even tell who really got into Creston University back in the day Ladies, what are your
Rosie raised her hand and stood up, indicating she had something to say
The host walked over and handed her the microphone
Rosie, with a bit of an accent said, “I think I won this competition because I handed in my paper earlier, and I haven’t studied
much these past few years, so I answered all the questions from memory! As for Ellinor, I heard she’s been studying at Creston
University non–stop, but she handed in her paper later than me!
The reporters in the audience agreed with Rosie’s point of view, believing she had the aura and confidence of a high achiever
Yeah, Rosie’s got a point, the big brains usually finish their tests faster, they’re always the first to hand in their papers”
1 think Rosie’s the real deal too!”
“Right, after all, she quit studying years ago and still managed to ace the test! I can barely remember what I learned in high
“Same here! If I had to take a high school test now, I might not even pass.”
“Looks like the one who really got into Creston University back then was Rosie!”
“Ellinor, do you have anything to say?”
A reporter called out to Ellinor on stage.
However, Ellinor didn’t respond because she had fallen asleep at the table.
Due to getting up early and pregnancy–induced sleepiness, she was just too tired. After handing in her paper, she laid down to
rest for a bit and ended up falling asleep.

The reporter who didn’t get a response frowned in displeasure, “Ellinor, what’s with the attitude? Are you just gonna give up
defending yourself like that?”
The host, feeling a bit embarrassed, walked over and knocked on Ellinor’s table, “Ellinor? Wake up, please.”
Ellinor finally woke up, tiredly looking at the host who had disturbed her sleep, “What is it?”
The host gave an awkward smile, “Ellinor, this isn’t the place for a nap, and it’s not nap time yet! A reporter just asked you a
question, and we’d like to hear your answer.
Ellinor raised an eyebrow, “Oh, what did he ask?”
She had genuinely fallen asleep and missed it.
Everyone present expressed dissatisfaction with Ellinor’s attitude.
The host helped recount. “The reporter was asking, since both of you aced the test, do you have anything to say?”
Ellinor squinted her eyes, “We both aced it?”

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