The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 979

Chapter 979
She glanced at Rosie, who looked confident, and her mother in the audience, who was also grinning from ear to ear.
The host said, “Right, you and Rosie both scored full marks. You probably missed my announcement because you were
Ellinor yawned, nonchalantly saying, “I don’t buy it
The reporters in the audience looked at her skeptically.
“She said she doesn’t believe it? Is she doubting her own score or Rosie’s?”
“Definitely Rosie’s score! She must think Rosie, having been out of school for years, would’ve forgotten loads and couldn’t
possibly have aced it. Turns out Rosie’s quite the brainiac, still scoring full marks even years after leaving school.”
“I think so too! Isn’t Ellinor being too cocky?”
The audience was buzzing with chatter.
The host emphasized to Ellinor, “Ellinor, this is the deal. After your answer sheets reached me, they were marked on–site by the
examiner. After the results were announced, your answer sheets were shown to the reporters and the audience in the live room,
and no one objected
And just now. Rosie claimed that since she handed in her paper first, she should have a slight edge in this competition. What’s
your take on this?”
Ellinor, having heard this, yawned again, “Even if we both got full marks, it doesn’t mean she’s better just because she finished
earlier. Since when does handing in papers early count as bonus points?”
A reporter in the audience raised his voice, “Even if handing in early doesn’t give bonus points, we all think Rosie is better than
Ellinor turned to the reporter, “Why’s that?”
The reporter said, “Because you’ve been receiving the best education possible at Creston University all these years and had
time to review high school courses. Rosie, on the other hand, hasn’t been to school for years and has been farming at home, yet

she managed to ace the test. Isn’t that telling enough?”
Ellinor chuckled, “My dear reporter friend, your conclusion is clearly based on the assumption that I did replace Rosie’s entrance
exam score, which doesn’t seem to hold water.”
The reporter was tongue–tied by her rigorous logic but still stood by Rosie, “Then do you have any evidence to prove that you
didn’t replace Rosie’s entrance exam score?”
Ellinor nonchalantly shook her head, “Nope.”
The reporter smirked. “Since you don’t, doesn’t that mean you’re indeed suspicious?”
Ellinor sat on the stage, looking down at the reporter with clear bias from a higher position, calmly saying, “First off, the basic
quality of a journalist is to remain neutral and look at the event objectively, which you clearly lack. Also, in any situation or event,
one can only prove the existence, not the nonexistence. Don’t you understand this basic logic? Which media outlet are you
from? Hiring a reporter like you doesn’t seem like a wise move.”
The reporter’s face turned ugly after her response, “You…”
Most of the other reporters also sided with Rosie. They originally had a soft spot for the underdog, and after seeing Ellinor’s
casual attitude towards the test and her arrogance, they were more inclined to support Rosie, who seemed more docile.
A reporter stood up for his colleague, “So according to your logic, you can’t prove that you didn’t replace Rosie’s entrance exam
score, but we can’t have doubts about you? I think your logic is the absurd one!”
Ellinor laughed it off lightly, “I never thought that an old classmate with mediocre high school grades could score full marks at this
Hmm… This is a bit of a pickle! To prove something I didn’t do, why don’t we have another test? What do you

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