The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 981

Chapter 981
Ellinor gave Rosie a once-over and spoke in a tone laced with subtle condescension, “Usually, someone who’s used to hard
physical work in the fields all day wouldn’t be tired from just taking a test, right?”
Rosie’s mom countered, “She’s mentally drained, not physically!”
Ellinor responded, “It won’t take long. It’s just that the values in the questions have changed. You can write the answers without
much thinking.”
Rosie’s mom wanted to argue, but the media personnel below were all giddy, egging Rosie on for another round.
Rosie and her mom were at their wits end.
Even the live stream viewers were rallying for a rematch. They were all itching to see Ellinor’s downfall.
The audience was so hyped up that the host felt the live stream wouldn’t end without a retake. So he announced, “Since
everyone’s so pumped for a rematch, let’s bring the teachers back to change the values on the test, print out two new copies,
and have our test-takers go at it again!”
After listening to the host, Rosie’s mom realized they couldn’t dodge a rematch, and her face fell
Rosie was in a panic, whispering to her mom, “What do I do, mom? I can’t do those questions…”
The middle-aged woman shot her daughter an annoyed look and said quietly, “Didn’t you memorize the answers? Just follow the
same formulas. I refuse to believe you can’t handle a change in numbers!”
“But mom, I don’t think I can… Rosie wasn’t exactly the brightest bulb and had struggled to memorize the answers. She didn’t
remember any formulas.
Before the mom could say more, the host approached, “Rosie’s mom, please wait off-stage. Rosie needs to get ready for the
next test.”
Rosie’s mom had no choice. She couldn’t argue with the host. So she stepped aside, hoping her daughter could ace the test

Under the watchful eyes of the media and live stream viewers, the teachers changed all the values on the test paper, printed out
two new copies, and handed them over to the participants.
And the test began again.
Rosie’s vision blurred as she stared at the unfamiliar numbers on the paper. She tried to recall the memorized answers, hoping
they would work on the new numbers.
Ellinor played with her pen for a bit before diving into the test.
To the media personnel, Rosie’s serious approach looked much better than Ellinor’s casual demeanor. The live stream viewers
agreed, thinking Ellinor looked like she was just messing around.
But to everyone’s surprise, Ellinor was the first one to turn in her paper.
She breezed through the test in about twenty minutes. She had taken the test before, and despite the changed numbers, she
had no trouble finding the
Everyone thought Rosie would be done soon, too. But Rosie hadn’t even finished half of the paper. She was sweating bullets
and counting on her fingers.
Viewers in the live stream chat were puzzled.
“What’s up with Rosie? Ellinor turned in her paper ages ago. Why hasn’t she finished yet?”
“She’s sweating buckets. Can she really not solve the problems with the new numbers?”
“That’s nonsense! How could that be? Rosie probably isn’t feeling well. Or maybe it’s just too hot.”
“But she really does look stumped by the problems on the test.”

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