The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 982

Chapter 982
Time licked away, and the deadline for the test rolled around Rosie, however, seemed far from done.
In the interest of fairness, the host walked over to inform her that time was up and she needed to turn in her paper.
Rosie left with no other choice, handed over her unfinished test paper to the host and anxiously looked down at her mom in the
Once he got the papers, the host called over the teacher to grade them live.
It didn’t take long for the scores to come out.
The host stared at the scores with a look of disbelief on his face.
He then announced the scores to the media and the viewers tuning in.
“Apologies for keeping you all waiting, folks! We’ve got the scores for Ellinor and Rosie’s retake
Just like before, Ellinor aced the test with a perfect score.
Rosie, on the other hand, left three big questions blank and only managed to rack up a total of 2 points from a true or false
The room erupted in chatter at the host’s announcement.
“Just 2 points for Rosie? How’s that even possible?”
“Didn’t you hear the host? She didn’t even finish the test and left three big questions blank.”
“But even if she left three questions blank, she shouldn’t only have 2 points! She scored perfectly last time; how could she fail
just because the numbers changed?”
“The one she got right was a true or false question, maybe she just guessed correctly. So basically, she didn’t earn even those 2
“How did she score perfectly in the first place?”

“I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this.”
Rosie hung her head, avoiding the media and the cameras.
She had given it her all, yet she didn’t get a single question right. This was a major screw-up.
Who would’ve thought that Ellinor would request a retake?
Down below, Rosie’s mom was under siege from the media.
“Rosie’s mom, your daughter only scored 2 points in the retake; how do you feel about that?”
“You said your daughter was a star student, but she failed as soon as the questions changed?”
“Did you fabricate your accusations against Ellinor? Did Rosie really get accepted into Creston University?”
Facing these pointed questions, the middle-aged woman wanted nothing more than to get Rosie out of this mess. But they were
surrounded by the media, with no exit in sight. All she could do was stubbornly insist, “Didn’t I just say that Rosie was
exhausted? She can’t perform when she’s this tired!”
The media was clearly not convinced by this vague explanation.
“Even if she’s tired, she can’t just score 2 points, right? She scored perfectly the first time, even if she answered randomly, she
wouldn’t score just 2 points!”
“Excuse me, did your daughter cheat on the first test?”
“If your daughter isn’t the high achiever you claim she is, does it mean that Ellinor didn’t steal your daughter’s spot and actually
earned her place at Creston University through her own hard work?”

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