The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 983

Chapter 983
The middle-aged woman was cornered by the media. She was visibly nervous but still insisted, “My daughter is an excellent
student! She got into Creston University on her own merits, and it’s Ellinor who stole my daughter’s grades!”
The media felt like they had been played by the mother daughter duo.
“If your daughter is such a great student, then why did she only get a score of 2, which is not even average? Can you give us a
reasonable explanation?”
“Yeah, we need an explanation!”
“Who’s going to believe that an excellent student only got a score of 2?”
The middle-aged woman insisted, Tve already told you, my daughter was too tired, so she didn’t perform well. And my daughter
hasn’t reviewed for several years, forgetting some knowledge is normal, right?”
The media scoffed.
“Normal? How can this be normal? She didn’t just forget some stuff, she forgot everything!”
1 think she never learned it to begin with, she’s not an excellent student at all! She’s clearly just using us to manipulate public
“And she still won’t admit the truth? She’s the one spreading rumors. We and the netizens have been fooled by your pity act!”
Faced with the media’s criticism, the middle-aged woman was silent and began to look a bit pale.
The comments in the live stream also started to shift.
“The truth prevails! Justice always belongs to the good guys.”
“Where are all those Rosie’s fans who were supporting her just now? Why aren’t they speaking up?”
“Maybe they’re too embarrassed!”
“Just by changing the numbers in the exam questions, Rosie couldn’t answer a single one correctly. Is this the excellent student
you guys were talking about?”

“Okay, I admit I got it wrong! But why would Rosie accuse Ellinor if there was no substitution incident?”
“What are you implying? Don’t you believe that Ellinor got into Creston University on her own merits?”
“I just don’t understand why Rosie would do this.”
“Do bad guys need a reason to do bad things? If we can understand their thinking, we’re not far from becoming bad guys
“Damn! Rosie and her mom are such fraudsters; they really know how to play the victim! I’m really pissed off, how could I have
been fooled by them? Sorry, I admit I was biased against Ellinor just now.”
“I was also blinded by their pitiful act. I didn’t expect them to be like this! It’s too much. How could they take advantage of
people’s sympathy like this?”
“We’ve been saying all along that Ellinor was an excellent student at Creston University. She’s a genius who was personally
invited three times by the principal. But you guys just wouldn’t believe us!”
“It’s infuriating! Rosie’s mother is still sticking to her story, and Rosie is just keeping her head down and saying nothing! They
should apologize to Ellinor in front of the media and us viewers!”
“Yes, they should apologize! Apologize! Apologize!”
“I have to say, Ellinor’s mental state is really good! Despite all the misunderstandings and criticisms, she remains so calm and
“Now I understand. This is the confidence and stability a strong person should have.”
“Can I say that I want to be a fan of Ellinor?”
“Go away! Ellinor doesn’t need a fair-weather fan like you!”

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