The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 984

Chapter 984
The cameras from the media were all pointed at her, the middle-aged woman had nowhere to hide, and finally, she couldn’t bear
it anymore, her anger exploded.
She cursed rudely while using her head to ram into the media personnel blocking her way, breaking through the crowd. She
rushed onto the stage to pull up her good for-nothing daughter, then quickly escaped the scene from another direction.
Some of the media followed closely with their cameras, while others stayed behind to interview Ellinor.
“Ellinor, they ran away. Aren’t you going to sue them?”
“Yeah, you should sue them. Make them pay for their lies!”
“Make them apologize publicly and compensate for your reputation damage!”
Ellinor was still seated at her examination station, with one hand resting on the desk, leaning lazily against the table. She stated
nonchalantly. “Forget it, they were just being used, and they have no money to compensate for my reputation damage, no point
wasting my time on them.”
A journalist seemed to understand the meaning behind Ellinor’s words.
“Ellinor, are you suggesting that someone is instigating this mother and daughter to slander you deliberately? Could it be one of
your enemies?”
Ellinor arched her eyebrows, “Guys, you’re all smart cookies, do you really think their target was just to slander me? Think about
it, who is the biggest loser in this scenario?”
The media were reminded and suddenly saw the light.
“It’s the Blanchet Corporation!”
“Right! The biggest loser is the Blanchet Corporation! The Blanchet Corporation’s stocks have been falling these past few days.”
“So, are you saying that the Blanchet Corporation’s competitors are waging a propaganda war?”
Ellinor pursed her lips slightly, not answering, which was taken as tacit agreement.

But she knew very well in her heart that this was Patricia’s scheme to target her, even involving the Blanchet Corporation.
And her deliberate misdirection to the media, which led them to believe that the mastermind was targeting the Blanchet
Corporation, was to utilize the media’s sense of guilt so that they would spontaneously help to clear the public’s
misunderstanding towards the Blanchet Corporation. The media’s influence was enormous, more pervasive, and more credible
than their own official statements.
At that point, another journalist stepped forward, with a cameraman directly filming her, asking, “Ellinor, is your relationship with
Theo from the Blanchet Corporation really as the internet rumors say?”
Just as Ellinor was about to answer, her phone in her pocket suddenly rang, interrupting her.
She glanced at the phone, it was a call from Theo.
Ellinor answered the call, only to hear the man’s serious and low voice say, “Don’t talk too much to the media. Come here, the
car is parked behind the artificial mountain in the park.”
Ellinor slightly squinted her eyes. Theo’s call was too timely. Was he afraid that she would publicly disclose their relationship in
front of the media?
Although she was not planning to directly answer the journalist’s question, Theo’s actions still made her feel uncomfortable.
After a moment of silence, she asked back, “Are you still in the park, did you not go to the company?”
“Yes, I’m worried about you being here alone,” the man softly replied,” Alright, the test is over. Come to the car.”

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