The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 985

Chapter 985
Ellinor nodded, “Alright, I’ll be right there.”
She hung up the phone and got up, bidding the reporters below the stage a quick goodbye She then turned around and
disappeared swiftly from their sight.
As she was leaving, a reporter called out, “Ellinor, why the rush? Can you tell us who just called? Was it Mr. Blanchet?”
Ellinor didn’t bother to look back, she just walked straight out.
The Blanchet family’s mansion.
Putnam and Marissa had been watching the live broadcast, and their faces had visibly changed; one looked more relaxed, and
the other let out a sigh of relief.
Marissa even looked a bit proud of her granddaughter’s performance. She nudged her husband with her elbow, “See, what did I
say? Ellinor isn’t the type to lie! Someone’s clearly trying to frame her right under our noses. You’re just too gullible!”
Even though Putnam then understood, he was still a bit stubborn. He snorted, “Why would they frame her and not someone
else? It’s probably because she’s done something to offend them!”
Marissa glared at him and said, “You’re blaming the victim! Let me tell you, Ellinor is a good kid, I know I’m not wrong! If you
keep giving her a hard time, I’m divorcing you!”
Putnam was taken aback, he hadn’t expected his wife to mention divorce at their age, “Are you threatening me? If you want a
divorce, then let’s do it. You think I’m scared of you?”
Marissa got up angrily and said, “Fine! Let’s get it over with, we’ll go file for divorce right now!”
Putnam went silent for a while, then suddenly clutched his chest in pain and started yelling, “My chest hurts… get my
Seeing this, Marissa was frightened, “Help! He’s having a heart attack! Get me his heart pills, quick!”
A satisfied smirk appeared on Putnam’s face, but he continued to play unconscious.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere in the Howard family was not good.
Patricia and Xenia were so angry about Ellinor’s reversal that they were speechless.
However, Dean and Alyssa Howard appeared rather relaxed.
Dean said, “I told you, Ellinor isn’t that type of person! It’s clearly that mother-daughter duo slandering her!”
Alyssa glanced at Xenia and Patricia and said, “Exactly! That pair wouldn’t just slander someone for no reason. There must be
someone pulling the strings behind them!”
Xenia could hear the implication in her mother-in-law’s words, but she didn’t dare to object.
Patricia felt her image was beyond repair, but she was still not willing to give up and made a last-ditch effort, “Grandpa,
Grandma, I think Ellinor might have planned this. Her request for a retest might have been premeditated…”
Dean grunted loudly in response, “What are you implying? Are you suggesting Ellinor cheated? How could she possibly cheat in
front of the media and so many live cameras? I’d like to ask you two, did you steal the test paper from me and give the correct
answers to that mother-daughter duo?”

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