The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 986

Chapter 986
When Grandpa Dean asked, Xenia and Patricia both turned pale in fear, stuttering.
Xenia said, “Um… Dad, why would you think so? You were the one who found someone to set this test, we didn’t even have
contact with the examiner, how could we possibly have cheated?”
Patricia also nodded in agreement, “Grandpa, we really didn’t cheat!”
Grandpa Dean scoffed as he looked at them, “Really? Neither of you cheated? So you mean to tell me that that mother and
daughter snuck into our home and stole the questions from my computer? Do you think I’m a fool, or are you taking our security
system for decoration?”
Xenia’s eyes fluttered nervously, revealing her guilt, “Dad, why are you so sure someone cheated? Did Ellinor tell you
Grandpa Dean replied displeasedly, “If no one cheated, why did Rosie get a perfect score in the first test and fail the second
The results of the first test clearly indicate that she had memorized the correct answers in advance!
Before the test, the examiner sent a test paper to my email. I reviewed it and thought it was fine, so I set it as the test.
Who else could have helped that mother and daughter and had access to my computer, besides you two?”
Even though Xenia was feeling guilty, she still firmly denied, “Dad, we really didn’t! You can suspect me, but don’t falsely accuse
Patricia said, teary–eyed, “Grandpa, my mom couldn’t have cheated for that mother and daughter, I think Rosie just didn’t
perform well on the second test.”
Grandma Alyssa frowned deeply, looking at her beloved granddaughter with unfamiliar eyes, “Patri, if you admit your mistake
now, we might still think there’s hope for you. Don’t be obstinate!”
Patricia hesitated, seemingly unsure of admitting her mistake.
If she really admitted her mistake, her grandparents wouldn’t trust her like before, would they?

No, she couldn’t lose their favor.
“Grandma, I really didn’t do anything.”
Granpa Dean couldn’t help but feel terribly disappointed after witnessing their attitudes.
“I thought growing up in the Howard family would make you more like us, but you’re becoming more and more like your mother,
just as hypocritical, pretentious, and greedy! Hopeless!”
Patricia tried to win her grandpa’s sympathy with her tears, “Grandpa…”
But Grandpa Dean had no patience to listen any further, “Enough, both of you shut up, pack your things, and move to the country
house immediately Out of sight, out of mind!”

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