The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 987

Chapter 987
Xenia was stunned, “Dad, are you saying Patri and I should move to the countryside?”
Dean stated firmly, “Yes! That’s exactly what I mean. Pack your bags right now, I’ll have someone take you there immediately”
Xenia couldn’t accept this decision, she practically collapsed onto the floor, “Why? Dad, are you seriously kicking us out just
because of Ellinor, a stranger?”
Dean looked at her with disgust and replied, “Patri is already under your influence, I won’t let Byran be influenced by you too!
You both should go to the countryside, so Byran won’t be affected by you!”
Xenia started crying pitifully, “Dad! You can’t treat me like this! I’m McNeil’s wife, how could you send me to live in the
countryside? People will laugh.”
Dean’s mind was made up, he wasn’t budging.
Alyssa agreed with this arrangement too, Patricia was already influenced by Xenia, Byran was still innocent, and they couldn’t let
Byran be influenced by Xenia too.
When Xenia saw that her pleas to Dean were ineffective, she knelt and crawled over to McNeil, who was sitting on a sofa on the
other side. She collapsed onto his legs for help, “McNeil, you’ve got to stand up for us, your wife and daughter! You can’t let Dad
send Patri and me to the countryside!”
McNeil looked at her with no expression, calmly asking her, “Do you admit to what you and your daughter have done?”
Xenia’s eyes were blurry with tears, she hesitated, “McNeil, Patri and I really didn’t do anything! How could you trust a stranger
more than your own wife and daughter?”
“Didn’t do anything?” McNeil frowned, “Wasn’t it you who taught your daughter to bring that mother and daughter to slander
Xenia was getting a bit anxious, “Yes, it was Patri who found that mother and daughter… but Patri only wanted to help them get
justice after hearing their complaints! Besides, the results of today’s test might not be fair, I think Ellinor might have cheated
again, she might have bribed the teacher who marked the papers.”

A flash of disgust crossed McNeil’s eyes, “That teacher who marked the papers is an old friend of my father’s; he is now a
professor. He participated in marking the papers out of respect for my father. Do you think he lacks money and can be easily
Moreover, the test was conducted under the watchful eyes of many media and cameras. Both sides had the same questions,
and Rosie’s team didn’t get a single question right, all of this was recorded by the cameras! How could Ellinor have cheated? Did
she suck all the knowledge out of Rosie’s brain?”
Xenia was left speechless, her face growing more and more unpleasant, but she still maintained a look of great grievance, “Uh…
it was that mother and daughter who deceived Patri and me. They tried to exploit our kindness, using us to confront Ellinor.
McNeil, this shows that Patri and I are also victims who were used!”
After listening to her explanation, McNeil coldly removed Xenia’s hand from his leg, then gently smoothed out the wrinkles on his
trousers. His movements were light and casual, revealing his complete disgust.
“Enough, stop playing the victim in front of me! The more you do this, the more desperate you appear! Dad’s current
arrangement is excellent; you should
a the take Patri to the countryside and reflect properly!”
Xenia, with tears in her eyes, resentfully said, “McNeil, how can you bear to see Patri and me live a hard life in the countryside?
Especially when Patri is now taking care of an adopted child, it’s totally inconvenient to live in the countryside!”
McNeil replied, “Dad just asked you to live in the holiday villa in the countryside. You’ve been there before, it’s fully equipped with
servants to take care of you, so there’s nothing inconvenient. He didn’t say you have to go to the countryside to be punished.”

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