The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 988

Chapter 988
Seeing that her pleadings were going unanswered, Xenia became agitated, “McNeil, do you hope that I’ll go to the sticks and
never come back so you can find some other woman?”
McNeil frowned, “Stop spouting nonsense, you brought this on yourself.”
Xenia broke out laughing and exclaimed, “Hahaha! McNeil, quit acting! You’re the real deal!
I’ve been married to the Howard family for so many years, and you’ve been sleeping in separate beds these days without laying
a finger on me. I don’t think you, as an adult, haven’t needed to satisfy your bodily demands all these years! You had to have had
other women on your side, right?
McNeil, let me tell you, I’m not Marlinie, you can’t just dump me whenever you want.”
Dean was outraged and lost his patience after hearing Xenia’s filthy statements, “Someone, pack their bags, get a car, and send
them to the countryside! Still nagging in front of me, spouting shameless words, what a disgrace!”
Some house servants came over and helped the out–of–control Xenia up from the ground.
“Madam, please stand up, we need to take you to the villa.”
Xenia angrily pushed them away, “What villa? I’m not going! I’m not going anywhere! Get away from me, who do you think you
Seeing this, the servants were somewhat at a loss and looked towards the old man.
Dean had had enough of Xenia’s shrewish behavior, “What are you all doing? Get her out of here now!”
Hearing the old man’s words, the servants stopped being polite and restrained Xenia, leading her out.
Patricia was also helped up by two servants and immediately burst into tears, “Grandpa, Grandma, I don’t want to go-to the
countryside. I don’t want to. I was wrong. I know I was wrong…”
Unfortunately, it was too late for tears. They might win sympathy once or twice, or even more, but ultimately, they would just
become irritating.

was led
In the end, Patricia, like her mother, was led out by the servants and taken to the villa in the countryside.
As Xenia and Patricia were led out of the Howard family gate and prepared to get in the car, they coincidentally ran into Ellinor,
who had just come from a press conference.
Theo’s black car was parked on the side of the road. Ellinor got out and saw the disheveled state of Xenia and Patricia, as well
as the suitcases the servants were loading into the car.
She walked over slowly, smiling, and subtly curled her lips, “Are Mrs. Howard and Ms. Howard about to go on a trip?”
Patricia was in a state of disarray, but she refused to show weakness in front of Ellinor. She puffed out her chest and glared at
her, “Ellinor, you’ve cost me everything today. I will get back at you!”
Ellinor disagreed, “Whether I’ve hurt you or not, let’s not talk about that. Ms. Howard, it seems you’ve just taken someone else’s
place and enjoyed their life, right?”
Patricia was taken aback, and there was a flicker of caution in her eyes, “What do you mean by that?”
Ellinor smiled faintly, “Nothing much; I just hope you understand that hurting others will eventually hurt yourself! Also, things that
don’t belong to you, even if you can’t return them to their rightful owner, will never truly be yours.”
Patricia stared into Ellinor’s inscrutable eyes, feeling a sense of unease and fear.
At that moment, Xenia was utterly distraught. Seeing Ellinor, whom she loathed immensely, she couldn’t help but curse, “You
devil, don’t get too cocky! One day, I’ll make sure you die by my hand!”

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