The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 989

Chapter 989
Ellinor flashed a small smile, “Really? Can’t wait to see what’s up!”
The servants had already prepared the carriage for the journey.
“Madam, Miss, please get in the carriage. Let’s not get the old man any angrier. He might let you return after some time.”
Xenia and Patricia Howard shot one last resentful glance at Ellinor before begrudgingly getting into the carriage heading for the
In the Howard family’s house.
With Xenia and Patricia gone, the house had become relatively quiet.
Dean, however, was still fuming at his son, who was acting immature despite his age. “Look at you! Over forty, and you can’t
even keep your wife and child in check. Look at what they’ve turned into!”
McNeil Howard, who had been engrossed in his phone, looked up at his old man, “You’re not satisfied again?”
The mocking tone of his son made Dean’s blood pressure shoot up, “I’m talking about your problems, and you’re questioning
whether I’m satisfied?!”
McNeil responded calmly, “Wasn’t it you who forced me to divorce Marlinie and marry Xenia? Now you’re unhappy with Xenia?
Fine, pick someone you like, and I’ll marry her for you.”
Dean was so mad that the veins on his forehead were pulsating. He pointed at his only son, his hand trembling with rage,
Seeing Dean’s growing discomfort, Alyssa Howard quickly tried to mediate, “McNeil, watch your words.“–
McNeil nodded and got up to head upstairs.
Dean, still fuming, pointed at the retreating back of his son, “You’re still holding a grudge against me for that woman? I forced you
to divorce for your own good! Marlinie Bagley is with someone else. Why would you want to keep a woman like that around? The
Howard family can’t tolerate such a

McNeil paused, then turned around after a few seconds of silence, “I don’t care. Why are you in such a rush? Is it for my benefit
or your dignity?”
Dean’s blood pressure spiked, and he started coughing from the anger, “You ungrateful child! Ungrateful child!”
While supporting Dean, Alyssa sternly said, “Enough, both of you! Every time that woman is mentioned, you two act like sworn
enemies! McNeil, I’m not
father?!” blaming you, but you’re over forty, not a child anymore. Why are you still being defiant with your
McNeil looked at his father, but didn’t say a word, his gaze as cold as if looking at a stranger, then turned and slowly ascended
the stairs.
At that moment, a servant announced, “Sirs, Madam! Ms. Mendoza has arrived!”
Dean and Alyssa were surprised by Ellinor’s arrival. They froze, looking towards the entrance, where Ellinor stood quietly behind
the servant. Her expression was indifferent, with a barely visible smile on her face, and a cold look in her eyes.
McNeil, who had just started up the stairs, stopped when he heard that Ellinor had arrived. He looked back, his indifferent gaze
softening a bit.
Alyssa snapped back to reality. Not sure whether Ellinor had heard their quarrel, she forced an awkward smile, “Ellinor, what
brings you here at this hour?”

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