The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 990

Chapter 990
Ellinor gave a slight smile, “Well, I just wrapped up a press conference and happened to be passing by, so I thought I’d swing by
and discuss something with you guys. But did I come at a bad time? If it’s not a good time, I can come another day.”
Alyssa waved at her instantly, saying, “Come on in, Ellinor, no worries at all! It’s just that they had a bit of a spat just now. I was
worried that it might freak you out.”
Ellinor walked up to Alyssa, glanced at Dean sitting on the couch looking a bit peeved, then looked at McNeil standing by the
stairs. She frowned, “You’re not exactly a spring chicken anymore. Still arguing with your dad? That’s not really cool.”
Normally, McNeil would just head upstairs without caring if there were guests. But today, with Ellinor there, he turned back and
came to the living room. As the elder, McNeil, looked at Ellinor with concern, “You just finished your exams. Why did you come
here instead of going home to rest? I saw you dozing off at the press conference. Didn’t you sleep well last night?”
Ellinor chuckled, “You were watching the live stream too?”
McNeil nodded, “Just now, I was watching your exam live stream with the two old guys.”
Ellinor nodded, “Oh…”
Alyssa was surprised to see her son show concern for Ellinor, paused for a moment, and then said, “Ellinor, don’t stand while you
talk. Sit down! McNeil, you sit too. If you’re standing, Ellinor might feel awkward as a guest.”
McNeil nodded, sat back down on the couch, and said to Ellinor, “Ellinor, you sit too.”
Ellinor made herself at home and sat down.
Before she could speak, McNeil asked her again, “Have you eaten? Are you hungry?”
Ellinor shook her head, “You don’t have to be so polite. I’m not hungry.”
McNeil nodded and said, “The flowers in the garden are blooming beautifully. Do you want me to show you?”
Ellinor frowned, not liking his enthusiasm.
“No need. I didn’t come here to see flowers today.”

Dean grunted in displeasure, “Did you hear that? Ellinor doesn’t want to see your flowers! You’re old, yet you only care about
your flowers, neglecting the company and handing it over to Balfour. You’re not acting like a father at all!”
McNeil seemed to have gotten used to his father’s reproach, appearing completely indifferent, his gaze still falling gently on
Alyssa gave Dean a pat, indicating he should hold his tongue.
Dean grunted but said nothing.
Alyssa turned to Ellinor and said, “Ellinor, sorry you had to see this! If you have something to say, just spit it out, don’t hold back!”
Ellinor smiled and said, “Grandma Alyssa, the reason I came today is because…”

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