The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 991

Chapter 991
That time, on the way to the countryside.
Bawling her eyes out, Patricia reproached her mother, “Mom, look at the mess you’ve made! Now we’re being shipped off to the
Xenia was already feeling low, and her daughter’s reproach only made it worse.
“Patri, I can take it from others, but how could you say that to me? Who am I doing all this for, if not you?”
Patricia, at this point, had no patience to understand her mother and retorted, “I know you did it for me, but you didn’t help at all.
You just made things worse! Mom, we would’ve been better off admitting our mistakes in front of Grandpa and Grandma; maybe
they would have given us another chance instead of sending us off to the countryside!”
Xenia felt a pang in her chest due to her daughter’s words, “Now you’re blaming me? Didn’t you also fail to admit your mistake in
time? And how could we have admitted it? Once admitted, it becomes something that can’t be changed. You wouldn’t have a
chance to prove your innocence ever again!”
Patricia understood the logic, of course. She just felt that even the worst outcome would be better than being banished to the
boonies! She didn’t fancy the desolate countryside one bit!
Grandpa said they were to live in the countryside, but he didn’t specify for how long. Would they ever be allowed back?
There were so many servants accompanying them on this trip, obviously assigned by Grandpa to keep an eye on them. Once
they reached the countryside, they probably wouldn’t even have the freedom to leave the mansion!
This was not the life she wanted!
The more she thought about it, the more unwilling Patricia felt, and the more she wanted to cry…
Seeing her daughter cry so bitterly, Xenia, despite her annoyance at Patricia’s reproach and misunderstanding, still felt a twinge
of pity for her. After all, she was relying on Patricia for her future!
So, Xenia patted her daughter’s shoulder, trying to console Patricia, “All right, all right! No more crying! Patri now’s not the time
for us to be at each other’s throats! If we let differences come between us, wouldn’t that just make Ellinor happy, giving her a
good laugh?”

Hearing her mother mention Ellinor would laugh at them, Patricia tried hard to stop crying. She wouldn’t let that detestable Ellinor
laugh at her…
She wiped her tears and looked up at her mother, “What can we do now? I’ve lost my brother’s trust and affection, lost the love
of my grandparents, the sympathy of my father, and even the opportunity to kidnap Theo. There’s no way to turn things around!”
Xenia thought for a moment and checked what the servants around them were doing. Some were on their phones, and others
were dozing off. Then, she whispered to her daughter, “I don’t have an effective plan to change the situation right now. We need
some time to think it over.”
Patricia thought her mother had some new idea, but instead, she heard this useless sentence and frowned. Did her mother really
need to whisper such a thing in her ear?
Then, Xenia continued, “The most important thing now is we absolutely can’t be sent to the mansion in the countryside. Once
we’re there, we’ll surely be watched by your grandfather’s people!”
Patricia was slightly taken aback. She agreed with her mother but muttered, “But we’re already on the way!”
Xenia gestured subtly towards the nervous and timid child in the back row, “Baber is here too, isn’t he? We can use him…

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