The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 992

Chapter 992
After listening to her mother, Patricia looked back at Baber in the backseat and then exchanged a knowing look with Xenia.
Patricia then moved to sit next to Baber in the backseat.
Baber, who was initially quiet, instinctively moved away when he saw Patricia coming. Apart from fear and dread, he had no
other expectations for this woman who played the role of his mother.
Patricia subtly reached out and pinched Baber’s arm hard. When she heard Baber cry out in pain, she loudly asked, “Baber?
What’s wrong with you,
Then, feigning worry, she touched Baber’s forehead and said, “Oh my, you’re burning up!”
Xenia played along and asked, “What’s going on? Is the kid running a fever?”
Patricia nodded and said, “Mom, Baber has a fever. What should we do?”
Xenia continued, “What else can we do? Go to the hospital! Quick, Baber has a fever. Turn the car around and take us to the
The servants hesitated.
Xenia frowned and said sternly, “The child has a fever. What are you hesitating for? Even though he is adopted, Dean Howard
and Alyssa recognize him as their own now. If anything happens to him, can you bear the responsibility?”
The servants looked at each other.
One of them said, “Madam, there’s a local hospital not far ahead. Should we take Baber there first?”
Xenia exclaimed, “What? A local hospital? Are you suggesting we take Baber to an unprofessional clinic? What if they
misdiagnose and delay Baber’s treatment? Can you take responsibility?”
The servants, after some consideration, had no choice but to turn around and take them to the city hospital.

Half an hour later, they arrived at the city hospital. After registering for emergency care, Patricia and Xenia took Baber into the
emergency room.
The servant who followed them was waiting outside the consulting room, but after a long wait, he didn’t see them come out.
Therefore, he went into the emergency room to check, only to find the doctor was attending to another patient, and Patricia and
Xenia were nowhere to be seen.
The doctor, irritated by the intrusion, gruffly said, “Who let you in? Line up if you want to see a doctor. One at a time!”
The servant asked the doctor, “Where are the people who came in with a child?”
The doctor frowned and said, “You mean those two women? They asked me to give their child an injection to reduce his fever. I
told them to wait in the injection area behind the curtain. When I prepared the medication and lifted the curtain, they were gone.”
The servant glanced behind the curtain and saw a window that was left open. The emergency room was on the ground floor, and
one could easily exit the hospital through the window.
The servant immediately sensed that something was off and quickly called home to report the situation.
Patricia and Xenia, carrying Baber, hastily left the hospital and hailed a taxi.
Once they were in the cab, Patricia finally breathed a sigh of relief, “Mom, where are we going next?”
Xenia replied, “I have a vacant apartment on the Third Ring Road. The Howard family doesn’t know about it. We can stay there
for now and plan our next
Patricia nodded, feeling exhausted. It was good to have a place to go.

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