The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 993

Chapter 993
Initially, she was worried about what to do if they couldn’t get to the hotel, as staying at a hotel would leave a record, and they
would undoubtedly be traced and sent back to the countryside.
At this moment, Baber was quietly crying in her arms. He had no understanding of what was happening, but the unsettling
feeling filled him with extreme fear. He was now afraid to cry out loud, only managing to suppress his voice.
But how could Patricia, holding him, not hear his crying?
Ever since she found out that this child had no utility for her, Patricia had begun to see him as a burden with no patience or
affection. “Why are you crying? So annoying!”
Baber didn’t know what he did wrong, looking at her with unease and a desire to please, “Mom, Mom…”
Patricia said with disgust, “Don’t call me mom. I’m definitely not your mom! Let me tell you, Thaven’t abandoned you, and I’m
already taking care of your food and drink every day. You better not cause trouble for me. Otherwise, I’ll kick you out of the car
right now!”
After saying this, she no longer held him and irritably placed him aside to sit on his own.
Baber felt wronged, but he didn’t dare to cry anymore, forcing back his tears…
They arrived at the apartment on the Third Ring Road that Xenia had purchased under someone else’s name.
Patricia took a bath to relax and calm down before discussing their plans with her mother.
Coming out of the bathroom, she saw her phone vibrating. Patricia looked, and her eyes revealed a hint of annoyance. It was her
foolish friend Haillie Knotts calling.
Haillie had previously promised to help her deal with Ellinor Mendoza, but so much time had passed, and there had been no
movement at all. She was such an unreliable person!
Patricia blow–dried her hair without answering the call.
After blow–drying her hair, she saw her phone still vibrating, and it was Haillie calling again.

Patricia finally answered the call with impatience, “Hello?”
Haillie’s tone was extremely anxious, “Patricia, why did
Patricia answered, “Haillie, I was in the
you only answer the call now?”
r just now
and didn’t hear it. What’s
you can help me p
wrong? Do you need something?”
Haillie’s voice was trembling, “Patricia, can you help m
Patricia furrowed her brows irritably. She herself was struggling, so where would she find the time to help someone else?
“What’s going on?” Patricia asked.
Haillie sighed sadly, “Didn’t I say I would help you deal with Ellinor? I’ve spent money hiring someone to watch Ellinor. I had him
find a chance to run over Ellinor with a car. If he ended up in prison because of this, I was going to compensate his family with a
sum of money. He agreed after taking the money. Then, yesterday, that person finally found an opportunity and drove a van
toward Ellinor… Who would have thought that Theo would find that driver today and the driver was beaten by people sent by
Theo? He ended up revealing me!”
“What should I do? I’ll definitely be held accountable by Theo! Patricia, can you help me convince Theo? Only you can help me
Hearing Haillie’s words, Patricia was somewhat surprised and puzzled, “Did that person run into Ellinor yesterday? Then why
does she look perfectly fine today, hopping around as if nothing happened?”

Haillie replied, “That person actually didn’t hit Ellinor because Balfour was right beside her at the time. He rushed to protect her
immediately, so that person actually hit Balfour. Balfour got injured, but Ellinor is completely unscathed.”

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