The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 994

Chapter 994
Patricia’s eyes widened in disbelief. Was he risking his life for Ellinor? No way, something was fishy!
Seeing Patricia lost in her thoughts, Haillie nudged, “Patricia, why are you silent? You gotta help me out! If Theo really gets on
our case, the Knotts family
is done for!”
Snapping back, Patricia replied, “Haillie, it’s not that I don’t want to help, but I can’t! Ugh!”
Haillie was puzzled. “Patricia, how can you not help? You’re Theo’s lifesaver, and he always listens to you!”
Patricia sighed heavily, a hint of sadness in her voice. “Haillie, you don’t know what’s been happening. Theo no longer sees me
as his lifesaver; he won’t listen to me anymore…”
Haillie was taken aback. “What? How’s that possible? Everyone knows you risked your life to save Theo, even got left with
infertility because of it. Does Theo deny all that? He’s not like that!”
Patricia shed a tear. “It’s Ellinor… She claimed in front of Theo that she was his real lifesaver, not me. Theo believed her and
didn’t regard me anymore. And today, my mom and I were kicked out of the Howard family by my grandpa and sent to live in the
countryside. All thanks to Ellinor! Because of her, I’ve lost everything! Haillie, I really want to help, but I can’t. I’m sorry…”
As she spoke, she started crying again…
Haillie was both shocked and furious. “What? Ellinor managed to convince Theo she was his lifesaver. And how did she manage
to get you, who’s always been the apple of your family’s eye, kicked out to the countryside? How the hell did she get that much
Patricia’s tone was tinged with irony. “If Ellinor can make my brother risk his life for her, what can’t she do?”
Knowing Haillie’s protective feelings for her brother, Patricia intentionally riled her up.
Haillie complained loudly on the other end of the phone. “Ellinor is a real piece of work!”
Patricia rolled her eyes before adding, “Haillie, I’m in no position to help you now. Unless Ellinor leaves Theo, things won’t look
up for us…”

Haillie frowned in worry and said, “But how can we get Ellinor to leave Theo?”
Patricia insinuated, “Haillie, since that driver’s been found by Theo and confessed about you, it’s only a matter of time before
Theo comes to settle the score with you and the Knotts family.
But, if Ellinor were out of the picture, Theo’s heart might return to me. Then maybe I can persuade him for you…”
Haillie paused for a moment, understanding Patricia’s implication. She then seemed resolved and said, “Patricia, I know what to
do! Just wait for my good news!”
With that, she hung up.
Patricia smirked, hoping Haillie would handle this more cleanly to avoid future trouble.
Xenia walked into her daughter’s room, noticing her deep in thought by the window. She approached and asked, “Patri, what’s
on your mind? I’ve got some food sent up. Come have a bite!”
Patricia snapped out of her thoughts and turned to her mother. “Mom,” she said meaningfully, “did you know my brother had a
car accident yesterday?”

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