The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 995

Chapter 995
Xenia was taken aback, and she started to question, “Balfour had a car accident? What’s the deal? He didn’t seem to come
home last night. Was it because of the accident?”
Patricia squinted her eyes, showing a crafty smirk, “Maybe! He probably didn’t want to cause concern for Grandpa and
Grandma, so he didn’t come
Xenia didn’t have any affection for her stepson Balfour, and he didn’t respect her much either. If he bit the dust because of the
accident, she wouldn’t bat an eyelid, and she might even be glad.
Only if Balfour kicked the bucket could Byran take the reins of the Howard Group. Once Byran became the inheritor of the
Howard Group, she wouldn’t need to kiss anyone’s ass in the Howard family anymore.
Patricia in reality, didn’t care much about Balfour’s fate either. She knew since she was a kid that Balfour’s attraction to her was
only because she reminded him of Pearl Howard, something she had to scheme hard to achieve.
She was pondering something else, or rather, a possibility…
“Mom, do you know how my bro got into this accident?”
Xenia replied nonchalantly, I couldn’t care less how he got into the accident! He doesn’t treat you well anymore anyway, Patri.
Why are you still worrying about him? Just forget him.”
Patricia shook her head, “No, I’m not worrying about him. I’m suspecting something.”
Xenia was taken aback, “What’s that?”
Patricia explained, “Yesterday, a car almost hit Ellinor, and my bro got injured trying to protect her.”
Xenia found it unbelievable, “Balfour risked his life for Ellinor?”
Patricia’s eyes darkened, “Right? Mom, you find it weird too, right? How can my cold–hearted bro risk his life for a woman?”

Xenia didn’t understand Patricia’s real concern and just said disdainfully, “Isn’t it because Ellinor knows how to lead men by the
nose? Even your bro couldn’t escape her charm!”
Patricia furrowed her brows, “No! My brother’s feelings for Ellinor definitely aren’t romantic!”
Xenia asked in confusion, “If it’s not romantic, then what is it? Isn’t that all there is between a man and a woman?”
Patricia looked at her mother seriously and speculated cautiously, “If my brother had romantic feelings for Ellinor, then he should
be disgusted by Ellinor being with Theo, right? But he didn’t show any signs of jealousy. Instead, he was very concerned about
Ellinor and was even nicer to Theo… Mom, don’t you think it’s weird? It totally defies logic!”
Xenia found her daughter’s speculation reasonable and nodded, “Hmm, now that you mention it, it does make sense! Patri, what
kind of feelings do you suspect your bro has for Ellinor now?”
Patricia was silent for a few seconds, and then she voiced the possibility she least wanted to face, “Mom, do you think Ellinor
could be the long–lost Pearl? In this world, isn’t Pearl the only one who could make my bro take risks?”
At the mention of the name Pearl, Xenia’s face turned serious immediately. What she had been most worried about these years
was that the missing Marlinie would come back with her daughter, Pearl.
“Is that possible?*

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