The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1078

Chapter 1078
Bartlett chuckled with ease, “Ellinor, you sure have faith in me, huh? I came here all by myself, though. Would you mind showing
me around?”
Ellinor stayed silent.
Clearly, Bartlett had no plans of leaving.
From the rearview mirror, Collin observed Ellinor and asked, “Ellinor, what’s this about…?”
Ellinor had no interest in any more chit–chat with Bartlett or wasting more time with him. The sun was already setting.
So she waved it off, “Alright, hit the road!”
Collin frowned but nodded and started the car, planning to fill Mr. Blanchet in on the situation later.
The car journeyed through the mountain road, allowing them to take in the breathtaking scenic view.
Ellinor slightly rolled down the window, hoping to catch the mountain breeze.
But just as she rolled down the window, a hand extended from the side and closed it back up.
With a frown, Ellinor glared at Bartlett, “What do you think you’re doing?”
Bartlett smiled and replied, “The chill can give you a headache. You’re pregnant and need to take extra care of yourself.”
Ellinor scowled. “Mr. Rex, has anyone ever told you that you’re a chatterbox?”
Bartlett shook his head with a smile, “No, I don’t generally talk this much with others.”
Bartlett had leaned in closer to shut the window, which Ellinor noticed, “Alright, thank you for the reminder. Now, Mr. Rex, could
you please slide back to your spot? It’s inappropriate to sit so close to a married woman.”
Bartlett didn’t seem bothered, so he respected her wish and scooted back to his seat.
Ellinor turned her gaze back to the view outside, ignoring him.
Bartlett broke the silence.

“Ellinor, you’re pregnant now, and Theo lets you come up here alone? He really doesn’t worry about you, does he?”
Upon hearing this, Ellinor stayed silent.
Unable to bear it, Collin stepped in, fearing that Ellinor might overthink, “Mr. Rex, you may have misunderstood. Mr. Blanchet
specifically arranged for me to accompany Ellinor to ensure her safety.”
Bartlett chuckled, “Right! I almost forgot you were here. But a husband should accompany his wife himself. Even having a
subordinate to accompany her all day isn’t quite right, is it?”
Collin frowned and replied, “Mr. Blanchet has been tied up with some urgent matters lately. He will be back to accompany Ellinor
shortly; there’s no need for you to worry.”
Bartlett smiled, “Yes, Theo is very fond of Ellinor. How could he mistreat her? I might have been sticking my nose where it
doesn’t belong.”
Ellinor remained silent.
Before long, Collin arrived at the place where Ellinor had grown up in less than fifteen minutes.
Ellinor looked a bit down as she gazed at the monastery outside the window.
She snapped back to reality and turned to Bartlett, “Mr. Rex, I’m going to hang out in the monastery for a bit. You might not be
interested, so feel free to wait in the car or wander around”
With his usual relaxed smile, Bartlett’s subtly intense eyes fixed on her, “Who said I wasn’t interested? Now that I’m here, I might
as well take a look.”

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