The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1079

Chapter 1079
Ellinor didn’t appreciate Bartlett’s ability to laugh so heartily in such a serious environment. She frowned in disapproval, “You can
come in with me, but you’d better tone down the cheerfulness a bit! This isn’t a place to crack jokes willy–nilly!”
Bartlett quickly wiped the smile off his face and nodded, “Gotcha.”
Then Ellinor opened the car door and got out, with Bartlett following closely.
Collin was worried about leaving Ellinor and Mr. Rex together, so he found a spot to park that wouldn’t be in the way and
followed them into the monastery.
The place wasn’t exactly bustling, but there were a handful of worshippers around.
Ellinor slowly walked in, taking in the surroundings as she went. It seemed like nothing had changed over the years.
As she entered the main hall, she saw Karan treating a worshipper on one side of the room.
Karan instructed the worshipper, “Get your prescription filled and take the medicine on time. Watch your diet; avoid spicy and
fishy foods.”
The worshipper took the prescription, thanked Karan gratefully, bowed, and left.
Ellinor watched for a moment before moving forward and sitting down.
Karan was tidying up her desk and did not look up at the newcomer. She simply asked, “What seems to be the problem?”
Ellinor took a deep breath and whispered, “Karan.”
Karan paused in her tidying, then looked up at her as surprise filled her eyes.
Her kind face was unchanged, save for a few more lines at the corners of her eyes, making her look older.
She didn’t have any major emotional outbursts. She just paused a little, then regained her calm. She nodded at Ellinor, “You’re
Ellinor tried to smile through teary eyes, “Karan, I’ve been so busy over the years that I haven’t been able to visit you. How have
you been?”

Karan shook her head, “You shouldn’t blame yourself. Ellinor, growing up means leaving the nest to live your own life. This place
shouldn’t be what you cling to.”
Ellinor, who grew up without a mother, often thought of Karan as a maternal figure.
But Karan was not one for excessive affection. She cared for Ellinor but always maintained a certain distance to avoid
dependency and too much emotion. Ellinor didn’t want to start crying in front of Karan, who had raised her. She took a deep
breath to suppress her emotions, “Thank you for understanding.”
Just then, two nuns entered to clean the main hall and noticed Ellinor.
One of them had been at the monastery for a long time and recognized Ellinor right away.
“Ellinor? Is that you? You’re back?”
Ellinor looked over kindly. She recognized the woman and stood up, “Chloe, long time no see. How have you been?”
ཅ ཆ ཇ ཧ ཅ ཡ ཇ ཅན ཡ ཧ ཧ ན་
Chloe was visibly more excited than Karan. She walked over quickly, grabbed Ellinor’s hand, and examined her from head to toe,
“It really is you! You’ve grown into such a beautiful woman. You’re even more stunning now, and you’re so accomplished!”
Ellinor smiled a little and pulled her hand back.
She wasn’t particularly fond of Chloe in the past, but Chloe had seniority and carried some weight around the monastery.
She remembered that when she was first brought to the monastery, Chloe did not want to take her in.
A monastery was not an orphanage, and one more person meant one more mouth to feed.

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