The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1080

Chapter 1080
Karan was adamant about taking care of her, which gave her a stable home.
Over the years, Chloe constantly nagged Karan about her, even suggesting that they send her to an orphanage.
But Karan never wavered. She was always there for her. This didn’t score her any popularity points in the monastery, though; it
seemed like all the nuns were on
Chloe’s side.
Back then, Ellinor felt like she was causing Karan a lot of trouble, so she tried to be extra good. She did more work and ate less
so as not to put Karan in a tough
After a while, when Chloe and the others saw how well–behaved she was and that she was eating less, they stopped giving her
a hard time. She was finally
Despite everyone in the monastery being against it, Karan used the monastery’s money to send her to school, taking on burdens
that she shouldn’t have had to
Ellinor saw all of this. So she worked hard, never using a penny from the monastery after high school, relying entirely on
scholarships to fund her education.
Later, she started a business while studying, made money, and paid back the monastery and Chloe’s gang.
From then on, Chloe and the others changed their attitude towards her and became extremely friendly.
But Ellinor thought they were being fake.
After seeing Ellinor pull her hand back, Chloe probably realized that she had overstepped her bounds and quickly laughed it off,
“Ellinor, look! I was so happy to see you that I forgot you never liked physical contact!”

Ellinor smiled, “It’s okay. Chloe, it’s been a long time; how have you been?”
Chloe grinned from ear to ear, “Great! We’re all doing great! The money you sent back was used to fix up the monastery, and the
rest was donated by Karan to villagers in need!”
This was actually a dig at Karan in front of Ellinor.
The nuns here were all pretty money–minded, except for Karan.
After she paid back the money for her education, any money she gave to the monastery was given straight to Karan because
she didn’t trust anyone else there.
There really weren’t many good people in this world.
Ellinor frowned and
turned 1
to look
Karan stood up and said calmly, ”
Ellinor sighed, feeling helpless.
Karan, “I s
sent you money so you guys could eat better. Why did you donate it all?”
care about food and clothes. Holding onto wealth only invites trouble.”
Chloe tried to butter her up again, “Ellinor, you’ve grown taller and thinner! How have you been? You must be making a lot of
money in the big city, huh?” Ellinor gave a faint smile, “Really? I’ve lost weight? Maybe I’ve been under a lot of pressure at work.”
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She deliberately ignored Chloe’s last question, feeling like she was hinting at her to donate more to the monastery.

In fact, she had already donated a lot to the monastery over the years, but Chloe seemed to always want more.
She didn’t understand why Chloe was so obsessed with money since she couldn’t even spend it outside.
Karan probably felt Chloe was being a nuisance too, “Chloe, why don’t you go prepare some food that Ellinor used to like? It’s
not every day that she comes back. I’ll take care of your cleaning duties.”
Chloe was delighted, “Sure! I’ll go make some vegetarian dishes that Ellinor likes!”
Then she turned to Ellinor, “Ellinor, you’re a successful businesswoman now, so you might not be used to the simple meals here
at the monastery. I hope you don’t

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