The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1081

Chapter 1081
Ellinor had just eaten and wasn’t hungry at all, but she didn’t want to see Chloe pacing back and forth in front of her. So she said,
“That’s cool, Chloe. Thanks anyway!”
That was the only way to get Chloe off her back for a while.
Karan probably felt the same way.
Once Chloe was out of sight, Ellinor was led by Karan to sit down. “Ellinor, what’s up? Why did you decide to pay the monastery
a visit out of the blue? Something happen?”
Ellinor was touched. A true friend would always ask how she was doing.
Ellinor shook her head, “Don’t sweat it; I’m good! I just happened to be in the neighborhood and thought I’d drop by.”
Karan genuinely cared about her. She nodded and then asked, “How’s the search for your mom going?”
Ellinor had told Karan about her mother when she was a child. Karan knew all the efforts she had put in over the years.
Ellinor shook her head, feeling a bit helpless, “Didn’t find my mom, not even her body. But I did find some other family.”
“Really? How are they doing? Have you met them?”
“No, they ditched my mom and me. I ain’t claiming them.”
“Ellinor, you remind me of myself when I was young; that’s why I can’t seem to let go of you.”
After hearing Karan’s words, Ellinor felt a bit dazed.
In fact, she didn’t know much about Karan’s past. She only knew that Karan came to this small mountain village alone and chose
to become a nun under the guidance of Evelyn from the local monastery.
But for some reason, Evelyn ordered her not to wear a veil but to practice with her hair exposed.
“Ellinor, the fact that you can’t forgive them means you still care about them. You haven’t let go.” Karan’s eyes seemed to flicker
as she said this, and she sighed lightly.

Ellinor could be a bit aggressive, but in front of Karan, she would become gentle and compliant.
“Karan, have you forgiven those who hurt you?”
Karan’s eyes deepened, “I can’t forgive them.”
The loose strands of hair that fell from her headpiece were like the entanglements she could never let go of.
“Ellinor, I actually have a son. I miss him a lot.”
Ellinor was a bit surprised; this was the first time she heard Karan mention that she had a son.
“Karan, how old is your son?”
Karan took a deep breath and let out a sigh, “He should be almost thirty this year. I wonder if he’s married. Is he doing well?”
Ellinor asked, somewhat confused, “Karan, haven’t you considered going back to see your son?”
Karan lowered her eyes, quietly saying, “What’s the point of going to see him? I don’t want to see his father again.”
Ellinor furrowed her brows, “Your ex–husband? Why don’t you want to see him? Did he do something to hurt you? Was he
abusive or…?”
*He never hit me, but he betrayed me many times.”

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