The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1082

Chapter 1082
Maybe because it had been a long time since she talked about her past, Karan patted Ellinor’s shoulder meaningfully and said,
“Ellinor, don’t fall for men’s sweet talk. They’re all good at acting passionate.”
“Karan, that’s a bit too much. There are good guys too, like me.” Just then, Bartlett Rex walked in, interrupting Karan.
“Who’s this?” Karan looked at Bartlett.
*Just an acquaintance.” Ellinor glanced at Bartlett with a hint of disdain in her eyes.
Acquaintance? She had known him for so long, and she couldn’t even use the word “friend” to describe him?
Bartlett felt a bit awkward and introduced himself, “Hi Karan, I’m Ellinor’s friend. I came to see you with her. You can call me
Karan looked at him, then at Ellinor, seeming a bit worried, “Ellinor, do you have a boyfriend now?”
Ellinor didn’t hide anything from Karan. She nodded and said, “Yes, I have a boyfriend, but it’s not him. To be more precise, he’s
my boyfriend’s friend, not mine.”
Karan was silent for a while, then asked again, “Ellinor, your boyfriend didn’t accompany you, but let his friend do it instead?”
“No, I ran into him here. He wanted to visit the monastery.”
Karan looked at Bartlett again and said seriously, “Can you please leave us alone for a moment? I need to talk to Ellinor in
Bartlett shrugged and said with a relaxed smile, “Sure, I’ll go for a stroll nearby. I won’t disturb your chat. Ellinor, I’ll come back
for you later.”
Then he winked at Ellinor and left.
Ellinor looked at Bartlett’s casual manner and was a bit annoyed. She had told him that the monastery was not a place for him to
mess around.
“What kind of person is your boyfriend?”

After Bartlett left, the usually calm Karan suddenly grabbed Ellinor’s wrist as her eyes filled with worry.
Ellinor was slightly taken aback, “He… is a bit older than me. A pretty good person, I guess…”
“Does he treat you well?”
“I guess so.”
Ellinor’s answer was vague. She had been reevaluating her relationship and future with Theo.
But she didn’t want to say too much and didn’t want to worry Karan.
Karan looked into Ellinor’s eyes for a long time, then looked up at the cross on the wall, “Back then, my husband was also very
good to me. I thought I was the happiest woman in the world. But not long after we got married, he started not coming home, not
answering my calls, and getting impatient with me, and we started arguing.
Later, I barely saw him in a year, while he spent every night with different women, many of whom bore his children.”

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