The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1083

Chapter 1083
Ellinor furrowed her brows. Even a steady and wise person like Karan had encountered such a rotten guy!
“Karan, you’ve had it tough!”
Karan looked at Ellinor with affection, saying profoundly, “Ellinor, sometimes it only takes a moment or a single sentence to get
tired of someone.
I used to be troubled, wondering what I did wrong to make him so reluctant to see me.
Later, I realized that his actions had no legitimate reason. He just didn’t like being with me anymore. It was as simple as getting
tired of a certain food.
In this world, there’s no such thing as everlasting love.”
Ellinor thought about the past between her father, McNeil Howard, and her mother.
McNeil had ardently pursued and confessed his love to her mother, but once he got her, everything changed. He had affairs, and
then came the illegitimate children. Maybe that’s how guys behave. They mean it when they say they love you, and they really
fall out of love when they say they don’t, right?
Was Karan reminding her to prepare herself emotionally? Telling her not to trust love too much like she did before and end up
hurting herself?
As Elinor was trying to decipher the meaning in Karan’s words, Karan continued, “Ellinor, I’ve been unable to let go of many
things in the secular world, so Evelyn asked me not to become a nun until I’ve completely let go of my worldly worries.
And as for you, I’ve always been a bit selfish.”
This was something Ellinor had never considered before. She asked in surprise, “Karan, are you asking me to do something for
Karan was silent for a while before speaking again, “You know I have a son; he’s my only concern in this world.
You’ve always been different from other girls; I really like you, so I’ve always hoped that when you grew up, you’d be with my

Ellinor was taken aback, she didn’t expect Karan’s hope to be this. She felt a bit awkward, “Uh… this…”
Karan seemed to worry that Ellinor misunderstood her intentions, so she hastily explained, “Ellinor, don’t get me wrong. Although
I’m thinking about my son’s future mariage, I care about you just the same. I hope you don’t meet an irresponsible guy like I did
and waste your life.
My husband may be a womanizer, but my son isn’t like that. He’s always despised his father. He once vowed to either stay away
from women his whole life or be faithful to one woman for life.
My son is the only man I trust. He’s worth entrusting a lifetime to, so I hope you can be with him and spare yourself some
emotional pain.”

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