The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1086

Chapter 1086
Ellinor was pretty peeved when Bartlett just helped himself to her food without asking. She didn’t even get a chance to protest
She mulled it over for a bit, but she’d only taken a few bites anyway. Since he’d already eaten it and seemed to love it, she
shrugged it off.
After polishing off the meal, Bartlett put down his cutlery and beamed, saying, “Chloe, I’ve never realized vegetarian food could
be this tasty! If I ever find the time, can I drop by for a meal?”
Chloe smiled and nodded, “Of course, but our monastery’s quite shabby; you might not find it very comfortable.”
Bartlett looked around and noticed the worn–out corners, “This place could use some sprucing up! It’d be much comfier for you
guys too!”
Pretending to be troubled, Chloe sighed, “We’ve been wanting to fix it up! But there aren’t many people living up on this
mountain, and we’re always strapped for cash. The donations we receive barely cover our meals, let alone renovations!”
Bartlett sympathized, “Really? That’s tough. In that case, I…”
Ellinor knew exactly what Bartlett was about to offer, so she interjected, “Chloe, didn’t I send a good chunk of money to the
monastery? Didn’t you say you were going to use it for renovations?”
Chloe, who was expecting Bartlett to speak again, was caught off guard by Ellinor. She squirmed a bit before explaining, “Ellinor,
the money you sent was used mainly to fix up the main halls of the monastery. We’ve gotta take care of Jesus‘ place first! As for
the remaining money, Karan donated it all. Now we’ve got nothing left for our own quarters. You’ve been away for so long, so you
wouldn’t know how the roof leaks in the summer and lets the cold in during the winter. It’s really tough…”
Ellinor narrowed her eyes. She’d just inspected the main halls, and there were no signs of major renovations, just some minor
touch–ups. It shouldn’t have cost much. And the money she had sent over the years wasn’t a small amount. There was no way
Karan donated everything!
Chloe and the others must have pocketed the rest.
Now here was Chloe, putting on a poor act in front of her and Bartlett and hinting that they should donate again?
Money wasn’t the issue. But the money donated should be used for its purpose, not as extra income for them to split!

These nuns were so worldly…
Ever since Evelyn passed away and Chloe took over the management of the monastery, things had changed.
And she was not about to let them take advantage of her.
But Bartlett seemed unfazed by it all. He chuckled, “Chloe, don’t worry about it. I’ll get some donations sent over when I get
back, and I’ll spread the word about your
situation to get more visitors over.”
Chloe’s face lit up, “Thank you so much!”
Upon hearing Bartlett’s words, Ellinor frowned.
Chloe’s gratitude sounded more like mockery.
Bartlett seemed to be everywhere, sticking his nose in everything.
But if someone else wanted to donate, who was she to stop him? It wasn’t her money anyway. So she got up, said her goodbyes
to Chloe, and left.

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